Thursday, June 3, 2010

Doomsday in the Gulf

There is no making this go away.  The photos say it all and they are ugly, sad, horrific.

Our elected representatives have allowed this to happen by failing to protect the environment from those who seek to exploit it; and, by proxy, that includes us.

 I firmly believe we must put pressure on Congress and the White House to pass measures requiring all oil drilling companies to come up with fail safe plans for potential environmental disasters.  Tonight during her show,  Rachel Maddow listed the five most profitable companies in the world.  They are all oil companies and BP is #5.  Why shouldn't we require them to spend part of the billions of dollars they make on protective measures?   Why is the government allowing new drill leases to  be awarded?

Drug companies have to prove the efficacy of their new products.  They also have to go through rigorous testing for safety procedures.  Why don't the oil companies? 

These photos are flashing around the world.  They are on every television station, in every newspaper and all over the Internet .  From what I understand, what we'll see is merely a fraction of the damage taking place. 

Somehow the image of thousands of birds dying may set the wheels in motion for changes that really matter.

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Blissed-Out Grandma said...


DJan said...

I am just heartsick over this. And it's worse than ever right now.

Deborah said...

The same negligence is true of the politics north of the border. Maybe, maybe this will make the same of difference that Three Mile Island made to nuclear power in terms of waking us all up to the cost of irresponsible exploitation of the Earth.
These are awful pictures. I feel like the earth is bleeding to death from the hole in the Gulf and that there is nothing anybody can do to stop it.

Cole said...

Time to take the personal assets from the bastards who ran BP, Exxon, Lehman Brothers, Citicorp, BofA, Goldman Sachs,AIG, the U.S. Congress, The Federal Reserve and all the rest. Once they've lost it all, we can keep them alive on empty promises and B.S. They can wash it down with oil cocktails.

Baino said...

It is a travesty and lately is barely making news over here. The time taken to shut this thing down and clean up the mess is unforgivable. The Exon Valdize tale comes to mind and people jumped on that spill straight away. Despite their best efforts, there are still traces of crude on the coast. Tragedy doesn't cut it.

Marguerite said...

We are definitely on the same page, again! Love Cole's comment!

Anonymous said...

I hope some person, who is later considered to be not quite right, goes to the next BP board meeting and dumps a 5 gallon bucket of BP crude on their heads. If I thought it would do any good, I'd trash my car today.


by Cole Scott