Friday, October 16, 2009

Health Care Reform: Insurance Industry Obscenities Toward Women

I wanted to embed a video snippet from last night's World News Tonight on women and health care.  For some reason, ABC only provides a link to the URL.    It's about women who've previously had C-sections either being refused health care coverage, in case they planned to have another costly baby, or, even more far out, being asked by one insurer to "get sterilized."  Said insurer, Golden Rule, was willing to pay for sterilization; not another baby.

Wow.  Do you still think the insurance industry doesn't need a MAJOR overhaul?


ellen abbott said...

Personally, I think we need to get rid of the insurance companies. They ARE the problem.

lakeviewer said...

OMG! Thanks you for posting this. I am glad we're are revealing these situations. No wonder the insurance industry is rejecting a health bill. Dah!

Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...

I saw that newscast too. Unbelievable - I know it's not the same, but I immediately thought of the nazi regime wantonly sterilizing Jews. Downright, scarey that they can dictate, deny, allow death all in the name of profits.

Pop and Ice said...

That's not only disconcerting, it's disheartening and just goes to show how little insurers are engaged with consumer needs. Or, in reality, how little they care about their clients needs. They deserve some Public Option competition for that very reason alone.

Baino said...

Unbelievable! Tell me, do insurance companies 'change' the terms of their insurance once you've taken it out and paid your premiums or is all this in the 'fine print' prior to signing up for health care? If they have the gall and/or the legal ability to actually change the conditions of cover once you have your policy in place, I find that absolutely astounding.

Auntie, aka Coco's Mom said...

Oh yeah,
I saw that crap on TV last night.
I couldn't believe my ears when I saw it!!!

Susan said...

Dear God!

WHO is rationing health care? I think we know the answer to that question.

Deborah said...

Appalling. Absolutely incredible. Even if our socialist (shhhh!!)system in Canada isn't perfect, it certainly doesn't allow room for high-handed, unethical directives like that.


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