Monday, October 19, 2009

Ghouls & Birthdays: A Metaphor

I don't know if it's the fact we're close to Halloween or that I'll soon turn 58 but, lately, I'm having dreams about being chased by ghouls and creepy characters.

Boris Karloff

For example, the other night I dreamed Boris Karloff was after me, chasing me through a huge outdoor compound.  I was trying to find my way out when I looked behind me to find him in mid-leap upon me.  I screamed bloody murder, woke myself up and was quite shaken til I realized it was a dream. 

I think this is a metaphor on aging.  The prospect of turning 58 is ghoulish.  My birthday is All Saints Day, the day after Halloween.  They are inextricably linked.  I'm a Scorpio, through and through, mind you, and you'd think I'd be dreaming about sex...or Robert Redford...or both.   But no.  Boris Karloff.  Jeez.


Baino said...

Well I'll pre-empt your birthday and wish you a happy day now because I'll surely forget! I just turned 53 and that's bad enough. People don't say "Wow you don't look your age . . ." any more *WAH*

lakeviewer said...

It's Halloween and Freak Day. Boris takes the cake here.

California Girl said...

Baino: HAPPY BIRTHDAY back. I think I already sent good wishes your way a few wks back but the aging process is hell on my brain cells. hahahaha!

LV: Yes and I'm the freak show. Well, not really. I think I'll get some pretty funny replies or some pretty mopey empathy.

Pop and Ice said...

Ah, don't attribute anything special to your dreams. Especially turning 58! Nobody's out to get you and we all love reading you. Get into the mysticism of Halloween, but no freaking out!

Susan said...

Well, being 56 myself, I can certainly appreciate that interpretation of your dreams! lol

And hey, Boris is sort of sexy in a Frankenstein-ish kinda way!


Tanna (The Brick Street Bungalow) said...

Speaking as one Scorpio to another, lately I have been having some strange dreams myself! LOL! And, I am not such a fan of the aging process right now. I am *WAHING* with Baino... 53 has put me right over the edge, too! Happy early birthday!

Judy said...

No wonder I like reading your blog... my B-day is Oct 30th! I'll be 54 this year. Scorpio people are very interesting!

Minka said...

The other night I dreamt they stole our brand new car, woke p, fell asleep and found myself in our capital (about 80 km away)- in my slippers and without any money at all. So I was happy twice that morning just for waking up. I mean, I know how you felt.

About aging - just celebrate your birthdys - don't count them! By the textson your blog, you're still young!

Minka said...
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ellen abbott said...

I'm turning 60 next April. That's a mind blower fer sure.

California Girl said...

Pop: freaking out is part of my nature!

Susan: "Boo" is right!

Tanna: Hey! At least you're a grandmother and have something else to focus on besides yourself. I have my cat. My husband and my sons are not much in need of my solicitations any longer.

Judy: Scorpios Rule

Minka: being barefoot in a dream means something...I just can't remember what :)

EA: Yes. That is a mind blower. My husband turns 60 in January and I can't believe I'm married to a sixty year old man!!!!!!!

Nancy said...

LOL! Boris Karloff? Really? LOL!


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