Sunday, September 13, 2009

How to Wildly Prosper by Insulting POTUS

Call it what you will, "Bad form", "Bad manners", "Disrespectful", "Zealotry"... being an a**hole on the world stage pays and pays BIG. 

From the 9/12/09 Tehran Times"... for Muntazer al-Zaidi, the Iraqi journalist who became an icon of anti-Americanism in the Middle East for throwing his shoe at former U.S. president George W. Bush, things are looking up.

Set to be released on Monday, Al-Zaidi will return to a new four bedroom home, built for him by Al-Baghdadia TV where Al-Zaidi's worked as a journalist, at least one new car purchased for him by an unknown benefactor, cash sent from random donors and a sizable number of marriage proposals. He has even been offered a healthcare plan."

And from  Politico 9/12/09, we have this update:  "A source on Rep. Joe Wilson's campaign says his fundraising has broken $1 million -- and surpassed that of his Democratic rival, Rob Miller -- since his outburst of "You lie!" during President Obama's address to Congress Wednesday."

Both men are reaping the rewards of bad behaviour which will probably serve to incite more bad behaviour on the part of others.  What would Gandhi or MLK say?


Marguerite said...

Freedom of speech and actions is sometimes a double edged sword. Think this is a case of "the squeaky wheel gets the oil"/ rewards! Great post! Cheers!

Marguerite said...

I just lost my comment in cyberspace! If it duplicates, please forgive. Sometimes freedom of speech and actions is a double edged sword. Think that this is a case of "the squeaky wheel gets the oil"/rewards.
Great post! Love your new header pic! Cheers!

California Girl said...

Marguerite: Thank you TWICE! :)

Baino said...

I don't know. I have some sympathy for the Iraqi journalist. Throwing shoes is a 'cultural' expression, remember them throwing shoes at the downed statue of Saddam Hussein? But I do think that here in the so called civilised west, freedom of speech is abused and replaced with rudeness. If someone lies, expose the truth don't just accuse without grounds. And frankly, the far right will give to anyone who criticises Obama . . such is their fear of fairness.

California Girl said...

Hi Baino: My husband said much the same thing about other "cultural attitudes" this morning.

I was appalled when the Iraqi reporter threw shoes at Pres. Bush. I couldn't stand Bush but couldn't imagine doing such a thing. My POV is that everyone is entitled to their opinion but they need to express it in a reasonable way. Otherwise, who will listen?

As for this cracker from South Carolina (that's what we call red neck southerners will no upbringing) he should be censured. And that is a political measure.

Nancy said...

What is with South Carolina anyway? Does everyone there have such bad manners and lack of civility? I wanted to take a trip next year and go all through the southern states. (I've only been to New Orleans - and I loved it.) Now I'm not so sure. My husband says no. I know there are good people that live there, don't get me wrong, (just see Maugerite), but all the nut cases seem to be coming out of the woodwork. Three mass murders (of familiies) in recent months were in the South. Many of those marching in DC yesterday, and saying the most appaling things about Obama, had southern accents. It doesn't help that Fox news and Limbaugh whip them into a lather, focusing on the most ignorant and angry. Are we heading into a Civil War all over again?

California Girl said...

What bothers me is the mentality of those who are still fighting the North. My husband and I lived in VA in the eighties. VA, at the time, was probably considered the most "cultured" of the southern states. However, there was ugly rascism in that state too. I was surprised as I expected the most open and vocal "southern" persons would still be found in the Deep South of AL, LA or MS. Of course, you can go anywhere and find these attitudes. After living in VA, we explored moving to Couere d'Alene, ID and found out there was a huge enclave of neo-Nazis nearby. That killed that!

Stupid people may be influenced by extremists on either side. The undercurrent I fear is that somewhere, somehow, there is a movement to discredit, embarrass and perhaps even eliminate this President because he is black.

Nancy said...

If that happens, they may unleash something they wish they hadn't. There are nut jobs on both sides.

California Girl said...

I know. I'm just paranoid.

lakeviewer said...

This proves that tribal sentiments go back millions of years, or a century or so in this country. And with cuts in education and other cultural improvements, Americans are stuck in another century.

Susan said...

I'm not sure what Ghandi or MLK would say, but all I have to say is...good lord! That is unbelievable! When will these morons ever get a clue? Of course, what can you expect when you've got Fox Noise and Rush out there spewing hatred and lies every single day.

California Girl said...

LV: I suppose we can chalk it off to "tribal sentiments" or cultural differences for the Bush incident. It doesn't appease me when I think how vulnerable our President was at that moment.

Susan: just read a post on a political blog I like, the Political Carnival. She quotes an article written by a former Marine for another political blog who says the rumors inside the belt line are that Glen Beck, a good friend of Wilson's, engineered the entire "incident". Whether he did or not, I don't believe Wilson's outbreak was spontaneous.

Coffee Messiah said...

I was surprised to finally hear someone else "Carter" finally mention (re:SC remark) that the whole t bag etc is really about racism and nothing else.

It's obvious by the signs and remarks being made and is sad that some want to continue living in the past in a white bread world ; (

Er, it's early, so may be off your topic.


Jo said...

I don't believe Wilson's outbreak was spontaneous either. And Wilson reluctantly apologized for it.

What has happened to good manners. Kanye West's behavior was also reprehensible, as was Serena Williams. Do people get a sense of entitlement?

Watching people debate issues, the manners of debate have flown out the window.

California Girl said...

CM: I saw a crawl on ABC this morning re: Carter's remark. Jimmy Carter always tells it like it is. I can't bear to think we are still that rascist but maybe we are. My husband certainly thinks so.

Jo: Thank you for visiting. I don't know where good manners are. I raised my sons to have them and they do. Kanye West is an idiot. I haven't heard anyone calling him out for being drunk or high or whatever he was at the time which does not excuse him. Serena, well, she was definitely over the top. I've never seen her like that and I'm a HUGE tennis fan. I'm more inclined to give her a pass, especially when I think back to the John McEnroe Jimmy Connors outbursts that made me lose respect for them from the get-go.

Debate has flown out the window. It's all a screaming match.

Coffee Messiah said...

Well, it certainly seems to be a free for all. Everyone doing as they feel without concern for others, no matter who it is.

As for Carter, one simply has to keep looking at all the signs people use and drawings of Obama, and if you can look at those and not see racism, well, blindness and ignorance come to mind ; (

California Girl said...

CM: I agree and it saddens me. My husband and I lived in VA for eight years and KY for 2. The rascism is much more blatant there, much more up front. People are always looking for something to hate and someone to blame.


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