Monday, September 7, 2009

SNL Fires Cougars

I am surprised to learn SNL has fired two of the funny ladies on the show, Casey Wilson and Michaela Watkins. They have been replaced, apparently, but I am sad to see them go. After 35 years, I still find the show hilarious, especially the Cougar Den bits.

Doesn't get more "une femme d'un certain age" than this!


Nancy said...

This is one of my favorite segments! Noooo! I also have been watching for the " celebrity blogger" segment which is so funny, but hasn't been on in a while. I'm over the Palin reruns on SNL.

Judy said...

I still watch SNL too!

Ruth said...

Too funny.

I finally went to see "Julia & Julie" last night, and one of the best parts was Dan Akroyd on SNL doing Julia Child's deboning a duck and bleeding all over the set. Hey, I watched that first season - was it 1976? I was blown away by it then, unlike anything before. I can't stay up that late now! Thank goodness for NBC's videos online.

sleek said...

Maybe i outta look for that show..

Ima Wizer said...

I tried to find your email address but couldn't...Please go to my blog: for your "Honest Scrap" award! :-D

kasscho said...

I feel bad for Casey Wilson. She was always in the shadow of Kristin Wiig. I think she tried too hard and wasn't naturally as funny as Kristin.


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