Saturday, August 29, 2009


After an incredibly hectic week, I thought it might be soothing to post an oil painting by my close friend, Carson Pritchard.

This is titled "Carson's Irises".


Ruth said...

There's nothing like blue to soothe.

Wish you could load the image bigger so we could click and enlarge it.

Susan said...

Hope this coming week will be more restful! Beautiful painting!

Nancy said...

Lovely. I love iris, and watercolors.

Nancy said...

Whoops, I thought it was a watercolor, only to re-read and it's an oil. It's still lovely.

Minka said...

Soothing is ood, no doubt about that. :)

Auntie, aka Coco's Mom said...

Hello CG,
A friend of mine has a daughter names Iris. She is a lovely girl. I love it when mothers name their daughters with flower names.
I also am responding to your question (on my blog) regarding weight gain from certain prescribed medications. First, read all about your meds. I like to go to Then discuss your concerns with your doctor. That's what I did. In my case, I talked my doc into switching my meds, and I lost 5 pounds in one month...
I really do hope your doctor can help you out. Weight gain is very frustrating.
Good luck.

Greg said...

What an incredible painting! She is very talented.

California Girl said...

She's a wonderful artist. Click on the link and visit her site. Her sculpture is terrific.

Ruth: I capture images from her site using a great tool, FastStone Capture. It can only capture as large an image as has been uploaded on the site. I do post in the largest format Blogger will allow. However, her uploaded images are small. Sorry!


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