Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bad Dreams Starring Dick Cheney

Various headlines online today are making me woozy:

Cheney in 2012? Some Key GOPers Aren't Kidding

Hypocrisy Alert: Cheney Relies on the Objectivity of the Justice Dept to Defend Torture

Cheney Says Politics Behind CIA Probe at Justice

last but not least from the WSJ: Cheney for President

And of all things, sanity from the mouth of John McCain:


JC said...

I do not know 'why' he doesn't just go away ... his time is over.

He really, to me, is making himself look like a silly fool ... who ... could have been Pres. Which is scary ..

(course I am not a nat'l defense expert but I think there could be a better way to get info.)

Susan said...

This is the John McCain that was MIA during the presidential election.

Cheney for President? Dear God, I think I'll move to another country!

lakeviewer said...

He's adding more fire to the nightmare that he fuelled.

ellen abbott said...

Oh no, no, gods no. They can't possibly be serious.

Mary Ellen said...

Wow! I agree - this statement very strongly presented a position I am in agreement with (though I'm not in agreement that we should ignore the past and pretend it's all "bygones")

Coffee Messiah said...

Why does anyone pay attention to him anymore? He needs as do others to be held accountable for their previous actions. Besides, if we condemn others around the world for doing what they do, shouldn't we do the same to those here?

I've never trusted McCain, he's against anything that helps the little guy and as do many, pretends to be someone open.....and he isn't ; (

Reya Mellicker said...

Honestly I'm so superstitious I wouldn't dare to put the words C for Prez in my blog. I don't want to put any energy into that thought form.

You scared me with today's post! YIKES.

California Girl said...

JC: Yes, "why doesn't he just go away?" Good question that begs an informed answer...and I don't like the implications.

Susan: McCain showed his ineptitude during the presidential race. However, he's still more moderate than many of his colleagues although I think he has it in for Obama policies.

Lakeviewer: He's either marshalling the Republican forces, the core or he may reconsider his decision not to run based on the clear lack of a candidate. He has a bad heart in more ways than one but that may not be enough of a deterrant.

EA: ditto

ME: "those who ignore the past are doomed to repeat it" paraphrase George Santayana

CM: Dick Cheney holds himself and his colleagues so far above everyone else; his sense of entitlement is frightening. He really acts, sounds and speaks as one who knows what is best for everyone else. But he sure ain't no Father.

Reya: I know what you mean but the media will do that for you.


by Cole Scott