Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tax Day

Today, in the United States, income taxes are due.

For those who procrastinate, like my husband and my male co-worker, furious work is getting done. We have til 12AM tonight to get them postmarked. What a pain in the ass! Oh! My husband just informed me he'll submit via the internet & Turbo Tax prior to midnight. That's a relief. We have been audited three times in thirty years and it ain't pretty! We have never owed money but the IRS audits are brutal and the accounting fees astronomical. Those accounting guys don't represent you for free, y' know.

I've been bugging the heck out of him since Jan 1 to "get 'er done" but NOOOOOO; he likes to wait. He has his reasons but I won't elaborate. Suffice to say we save alot of money doing them ourselves. We used to spend at least $1000 each year letting our accounting firm do them...and that required eight plus hours of organization on my part! Now, having simplified our lives somewhat, we have less to do and we cut out the middle man a few years ago saving $900 per annum. There's a real boost to the old bottom line.

Ah well, income tax time is always the time to assess how hard you've worked, what you've made, and, most importantly, what you've spent.

It's that last part that always gets me.


ellen abbott said...

My other half is responsible for that and he, too, is a procrastinator. I try to turn a blind eye as I am busy enough. I don't want to know. Denial is a wonderful thing.

Rinkly Rimes said...

Thanks for visiting my 'umble blog!!! Your trees look very springlike (it's Autumn here). And your Income Tax remarks rang a bell because my daughter is an accountant with an Income Tax firm and she's moving too quickly to the Tax Season (July) when she's run off her feet. The rules seem to change every year!

Joanne said...

Love the new leaves, so full of Spring! It's an inspiring time of year.

Lover of Life said...

I hate paying MORE at tax time!

The Lodge is in Canon Beach on the Oregon Coast. Lovely - you must visit if you have a chance!

Ruth said...

I don't know how you got the black background for the cosmos, but it sure sets it off beautifully. I love this flower, we have planted some in our meadow. Brilliant photos!

California Girl said...

Hope everyone got through tax day without tranquilizers.

ea: i know...we can't complain too much if we're leaving them to the job.

rr: love your blog. does your daughter do yours for free?

joanne: thank you.

LOL: looks like an incredible place. we used to stay at the Timber Cove Lodge in Sonoma Co, CA...can't recall a more exact location. On the coast, very dramatic. The Lodge is reminiscent except right on the bch and TC is on the cliffs.

ruth: i think my husband took these in front of the house below the eaves and heightened the shadow but am not sure. I've fwd'd your compliment to him. Thx!

Star said...

In the U.K., the deadline is 31st January. It follows that accountants are very busy in January. It's not much to look forward to after the Christmas break, is it! We don't have Turbo Tax, but the Inland Revenue produces something very similar, online, for us to use for free. It's a relief when it's done, isn't it!
Blessings, Star

California Girl said...

Star: It's a relief to get money back this year, that is for sure.


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