Monday, April 6, 2009

Opening Day

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Just want to get in a notification I am watching some Opening Day baseball tonight. First game was Yankees vs Orioles @ Camden Yards. Orioles won 10-5. Take that Steinbrenner!

Watching the Dodgers vs Padres in San Diego. Oh how I wish I were there. It's 70 degrees and sunny and everyone is in tee shirts. Jeez. Pads & Dodgers are my two favorite teams...home town favs. LA will always be my first choice to win, however. Very excited now that Joe Torre is managing. He'll get those guys in shape yet.

Boston vs Tampa Bay openers at Fenway was rained out today. It's in the low 40's and pouring here. No wonder I miss California.

P.S. Dodgers won 4-1!


Ruth said...

California is the place to be today. We have several inches of snow on the ground. :|

California Girl said...

Yes ma'am. Our stupid heater was on at 4:30am. It woke me up. It goes on overnight when the temps go below 62 in the house. Jeez. I lay there thinking about having to order more oil and it's practically mid-April! I had to get up to turn the thermostat to 60 so I could go back to sleep.

Susan said...

Man, the weather is so crappy here. We've had about 3 days when the temps got above 60. I cleaned my 3-season room 3 weeks ago and we still haven't been able to sit out there in the evening yet. Or have the windows open at night.

My mom loved the Cincinnati Reds! When she couldn't watch them on TV, she listened to the games on radio.

California Girl said...

The Big Red Machine was in its heyday throughout the seventies. I was in college in the early seventies and I always had bets going on the Series. Got to see them play in San Diego and later, when we moved to Lexington KY we'd travel up to the old Riverfront Stadium in Cincy. I always rooted for the Dodgers or Padres and got dirty looks from the home audience but I didn't care. Really respected those guys, especially Sparky Anderson, Johnny Bench, Joe Morgan and yes, Pete Rose.


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