Sunday, April 27, 2008

Women of a Certain Age

What does this title mean anyway? What "certain age" are we talking about? We know it isn't a young age. But how old is it exactly? Am I there yet? Feels like it but I'm not sure how to react to the concept.

It's really hard getting old(er). I'm only 56 but there are days when I move so slowly and with such difficulty I honestly cannot believe I am ONLY 56. It's the aches and pains that get me. I have two hip replacements; one on each side. Why? Degenerative osteoarthritis. Translation: wearing down of the major weight bearing joints thanks to excessive athletic activity in my younger days OR repetitive activities OR genetic pre-disposition aka "bad genes".

I am determined, however, to be upbeat and find solutions to this aging thing and my place and my friends' places as women. We are all in this together. So, let's rock!

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by Cole Scott