Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Dream Shall Never Die

Back in March 2010, I began an exercise regimen and nutrition plan to lose weight, reduce body fat, build muscle and eat healthy.  I planned also to get in shape to prepare for a much-needed knee replacement.  

My initial results were good.  I lost 8" in circumference from various body parts, i.e. upper forearms, waist, bust, upper thighs, calves plus 3 lbs. I was thrilled and motivated to continue.  By the end of five months, I'd found my waist.   I'd lost a remarkable 16.5",  8 lbs and lowered my body fat.  But I was facing the holidays...

After the second post I may have become a bit cocky.  I stopped documenting my progress.  My physical therapist wanted me to seriously diet and cut out alcohol to lose another 10 lbs.  The holidays loomed...always a challenge.  I continued to exercise and weight train but I doubt I was even following the nutrition plan.

Fast forward to March 2011, I meet with the orthopedic specialist about my knee.  I'm mentally and physically prepared for the operation.

He asks me, "Why are you having surgery?"

My jaw drops.  I've needed surgery for at least six years and it's taken that long to work up to it.  I return home, contemplate the question, cancel the surgery.

Another year passes, I continue to work out but no longer try to diet or avoid alcohol.  My routine gets stagnant even though I still see the physical trainer occasionally. My knee continues to hurt so I schedule another dr's appointment in January.  This time he agrees to move ahead with the surgery scheduled for March 2012.  It's a great success!  And it hurts like holy hell.  I am laid up a bit, returning to work after 2 weeks but on pain meds; no driving.  I rehab as soon as possible and I get those legs into shape toot suite (I have no idea how to spell that).

But, I don't diet.  I don't curb my drinking.  I continue to prepare gourmet meals for my family and eat them. I love to cook.  I love to eat.

By Thanksgiving 2012, I'm looking pudgy again.  I work for a television station and sometimes have to stand in as a character in a locally produced ad.  Photographs and TV don't lie.

I have now convinced myself I am a fat pig.  I am discouraged but not defeated.  I sign up for a new program, EZ Coach.  In February this year, I am weighed, measured and my body fat is checked.  That, the body fat part, the moment I dread, is an eye opener.  Despite my regaining all but 5 lbs of my weight loss of 12 lbs, despite my flabby gut called "core" in fitness circles, I have reduced my overall body fat by 10.4% from the original measurement in 2010.    I am stunned.  And, I am re-motivated.

By continuing to weight train and maintain my cardio exercise, I have developed a great deal more muscle and my fat cells have shrunk.  I am no longer in the "obese" category of 36.3% which I could not admit in 2010.  It's now 26%.  All I can think is,  "what would it be had I been watching what I eat."

To misquote the immortal words of Ted Kennedy,
"...the work goes on, the cause endures, the
hope still lives and the dream shall never die."



DJan said...

Wonderful, Cali! I too have been working to keep the weight off that I put on in 2010. I got it off in 2011 and had to work HARD to keep it off, but still some crept back. Now I'm down there again and intend to stay there. I use an app called "Lose It!" on my iPhone and track everything I eat. It sure helps when I have to write it down. And I DO like the way I feel when I weigh less. Congratulations! Way to go!!

troutbirder said...

I shoulda coulda dieted but never had the motivation. When I had to give up all my outdoor hobbies to a dysfunctional knee... that did it. I lost forty pounds, got a new knee and also got my life back. My only regret was not have done it all 10 years earlier. Glad to read you went ahead...:)

Nancy/BLissed-Out Grandma said...

Sounds like success to me! I'm working at exercising to get stronger and to have more energy. Sadly, an object at rest tends to remain at rest.... So congrats to you.

injaynesworld said...

It's tough to stick to a regime. I looked/felt best when I was doing pilates, but it was very pricey. Now I want to pop a couple hundred for one of those belts you wear that electronically contract your stomach muscles while I sit around blogging. Yep. I'm lazy. It's a good thing I'm not that into food, but wine -- that's another story.

christopher said...

Keep's a lot easier than stopping and starting.

A Beer for the Shower said...

Through the ups and downs, it sounds like you're on the right path. As much as I joke about drinking beer and being lazy, I'm quite the health nut, and I've tried to get into such a habit that it feels weird when I DON'T work out. So keep at it!

California Girl said...

DJan your climbing, hiking & being out in nature regimen sounds so healthy & metabolically stimulating, I'm surprised you have to do more. Then again, the age factor works against us. Andre Agassi wrote about having to work twice as hard in his thirties to maintain strength and agility he had in his late teens early twenties. Twice as hard! I tell myself that when I'm onto the next challenge.

California Girl said...

troutbirder: funny how getting the parts replaced is such a mind blowing buzz. All that pain...gone! It's like a miracle.

California Girl said...

Blissed: I think we just rot if we don't move. The parts harden, the joints need oil. It's like being the Tin Man rusting out in the forest, no love, no care. I feel better than I have in 12 years. Course, now my eyesight is going to hell!

California Girl said...

jayne, remember the cartoons and films extolling the virtues of vibrating belt machines? They were, apparently, widely used. Maybe that's where somebody came up with the idea of the personal vibrator.

California Girl said...

christopher, Yes. I've learned that the hard way...over & over :)

California Girl said...

Beer Boy(s), I feel "weird" when I don't work out too. I don't sleep as well, I'm more tired and my mental acuity is plagued with guilt from not going. If I can just go and manage 30 minutes on my least motivated day, I've overcome an obstacle of my own creation.

beatrice De said...

As you say... *the dream will never die*. Il y a toujours un espoir, MAIS, arrêter de grignoter, arrêter de * bouffer* du chocolat. ... Ca, c'est beaucoup plus difficile !

Un petit coucou de Lausanne, en Suisse.

California Girl said...

Merci beaucoup Beatrice!


by Cole Scott