Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Valentines & Other Things

I came home from work Friday night to find a vase of red roses, a bottle of Coppola Pinot Noir, a funny card about marriage, a box of chocolates worthy of Forrest Gump & his mamma.


As if this were not enough, the biggest surprise of all...water color paints, brushes, cold pressed paper & a book on watercolor technique.

You could have knocked me down.

I haven't seriously painted since college.

I haven't tried since ten years ago when I bought myself watercolor supplies, several books and began sketching again.  I never followed through with any of it.

After profusely thanking him, I asked what made him pick up the art supplies.  His answer,  "You've always regretted not continuing with your art in college and I 'it's never too late' and went to the Art Store & talked with the owner about the proper supplies to get you started."

He paused and looked at me expectantly.

"Are you going to try?"

Well, yes.  Yes I am.

Hope your Valentine's Day was as nice as mine.  



Deb said...

What a sweetheart...

une femme said...

What a thoughtful gift!

California Girl said...

Deb, welcome! Thanks for the nice comment. He IS a sweetheart.

California Girl said...

Hi Pseu, he has always been quite thoughtful. Our younger son takes after him and gives a great deal of thought to the purchases he makes.


by Cole Scott