Friday, February 6, 2015



The real story of how the teddy bear was conceived is not as cute as the myth nor this 1902 newspaper cartoon depicting President Theodore Roosevelt refusing to shoot a tethered bear cub. The myth, however, did lead to the creation of the original stuffed bear known as "Teddy's bear".  

Mass production ensued and we have enjoyed teddy bears as presents, comforting toys & cherished family heirlooms for over one hundred years.

I never thought we'd see them turned into sexual provocateurs.  Vermont Teddy Bear, the innocuous manufacturer of cutsey pie Teddys in PJs & Dr's whites & tee shirts & the like has gone over to the dark of should I say "grey" side with this Valentine's Day offering:


Then, some horny woman who apparently liked to find "comfort" in the arms of her Teddy bear decided to go one better & invented a teddy bear vibrator.  

As one commentor on one of the articles I read put it, "I'm glad to see this is 100% washable.  The thought of some child burying their face in it is horrible."




DJan said...

! am blushing! Oh MYYYYY! :-)

Brian Miller said...

a bit sad on the 50 shades bear....yikes....

my teddy bear as a kid was a panda....

injaynesworld said...

How sad. There truly is nothing sacred anymore. :(

California Girl said...

That was my original title.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear God. Ewwwwww is right. The story about the Fifty Shades teddy bear was on NPR when I was in the car with a couple of the kids and I had to quickly change the station. They sure know how to ruin a good thing, don't they? Now I feel like I need a shower.

California Girl said...

Me too.


by Cole Scott