Sunday, August 11, 2013

Random Thoughts

Thanksgiving with my family, aunt, close friends ca 1963 using a Brownie camera with Kodachrome film

It occurs to me the Instagram craze is silly. Let's face it, women of a certain age have only to look in their photo albums, shoe boxes, drawers stuffed with old square Kodak
instamatic shots for the real deal.  And it wasn't that great back then...

Why was Marion Jones sentenced to jail time for juicing and finally admitting her deception to the IOCC but A-Rod and so many others get a pass?  Does gender have anything to do with it?  Lance Armstrong continues to suffer more slings and arrows and will most likely be broke as well as stripped of his titles.  He is probably the most vilified of athletes although Marion Jones paid the highest price by serving jail time.


More and more people I liked and was influenced by are passing on.  What was once a distant possibility is now a daily reminder:  life is finite.

Karen Black died this week.  "Five Easy Pieces" was a seminal film back in 1970.

Dennis Farina, actor and former true life cop, died at age 69 of a blood clot. That's only 8 years older than me!
I just loved his gruff manner and wise cracking manner. His hair and moustache are so like my husband's.


None of these comments have anything to do with one another.

That's why they're "random".  



bill lisleman said...

I didn't know Karen Black died. I'm thinking of other movies she starred in but of course I'll rely on the movie website to figure them out.
This post reads like the Friday Fragment type post I typically do for Fridays.

California Girl said...

Yes. I had so many thoughts going round but none deep enough to expand upon... Well, I could have done a number on the juicing scandal contrasting the aggression with which the IOCC, baseball and biking authorities go after their athletes vs the U.S. DOJs' lousey record against Wsll Street. But, hey...that's a GREAT idea for my next post!

Thank you Bill. You inspire me (as opposed to " complete me".)

DJan said...

I saw in the news that Karen Black had died. It's true that more and more of the people I admired are growing older and passing away. It's the way it goes, always moving in that one direction. :-)

California Girl said...

DJan, I guess we are always "moving in that direction" but it seems to be slapping us in the face nowadays.

Bill Stankus said...

Jones lied to a grand jury concerning steroids and later lied about a check fraud scam. Slammer time was next.

Madame Là-bas said...

We do seem to be losing a group of people who are only slightly older. It happens suddenly and soon we will be the "old ones".

Anonymous said...

No one lives forever, but it does seem like people who were really good at their craft, films, music, tv, theater are dropping like flies..Not getting to any old age as I see it, must be global warming or the fact many get diseases that are not funded with any kind of treatment orphan diseases or they must be needed in heaven..No one gets out of this life alive, I cannot phanthom people thinking they will..The young stars today or who they think are stars look pretty washed up very very very early, look at that young Lindsay Lohan, ohmy goodness. Farrah Fawcett was so beautiful inside and out and she fought like hell to live, now she was a star creative, she passed I like to believe to heaven the same day Michael Jackson passed a different person indeed. RIP Farrah and the real stars...not wannabes..! Ciao

Marcheline said...

I'm with you on this post - except for me, the old photos really do represent the good times in my family. I miss those days, and I miss my dad.

As for icons passing, for me it started when Jimmy Stewart died... I cried for a week. He was my romantic hero (early films) and my imaginary grandfather (later in life) rolled into one.


by Cole Scott