Thursday, October 25, 2012

Who Calls the Shots on a Woman's Right to Choose?

While I realize abortion is not THE primary concern nationally, it is important to women, myself included and it is important in the battleground aka "swing" states.  

On October 22, Gallup reported, "Abortion was the top issue named by women voters in 12 key swing states as 'the most important issue.p for women in this election,' according to a recent USA Today/Gallup poll. By contrast, 1% of women and less than 1% of men, nationally, consider it the most important problem facing the nation."
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Abortion rights, a woman's right to choose, the Roe v Wade decision by the U.S. Supreme Court don't seem to matter to the men running for office.  Paul Ryan is pro-Life, conceding only to Mitt Romney's less radical position because Romney, not Ryan, is the Presidential candidate. If Ryan becomes president, all bets are off.  After the Biden/Ryan debate, the Washington Post had this to say: 
But the position Ryan articulated Thursday — “the policy of a Romney administration will be to oppose abortions with the exceptions for rape, incest and life of the mother” — is different from Ryan’s earlier position of no abortions, except possibly in cases where mother’s life was endangered.

Todd Akin...hoo boy, we know his story. He's reduced his lead in the state of Missouri to a virtual tie with incumbent Claire McCaskill.

And then there's THIS guy.    

Candidate Romney was for him before he was against him.  Sound familiar?



Bill said...

I have only one "most important issue" ... and that is, defeat all Republicans and return some semblance of sanity to government.

bill lisleman said...

I guess I'm too moderate because this abortion issue is a religious one not governmental. We don't need to turn over anything except maybe our willingness to let one issue extremists influence us. What was that Bush era thing? 3 G's - God Guns and Gays? We don't need to regurgitate that discussion.
My vote is already in and it went to the Obama camp.

California Girl said...

Bill: I'm with you buddy.

California Girl said...

Lisleman: my husband and I also voted early as we're supposed to leave on vaca this Tuesday. Unfortunately we depart out of Portland, ME & Hurricane Sandy is poised to strike that day.

Susan said...

For decades people have argued over who has the right to choose abortion/adoption/keeping... That will not be settled until they first decide at what point does a human become a human? To me, that is all that matters in that debate.

A Beer for the Shower said...

Just more reinforcement that going out of my way to register to vote and mail in my ballot last week was one step in the right direction.

California Girl said...

Susan, that will probably always be debated; the age of the viability of the fetus versus the result of the creation. It's an impossible argument. However, as a woman, I demand the right to decide for myself with respect to my body and health.

California Girl said...

Beer: Glad to hear you voted early. We did as well. I felt relief when I was done. I'm glued to the election but my vote is cast.


by Cole Scott