Monday, October 22, 2012

Debate Highlight Moment

Romney showed his willingness to say anything to win including lying to the American people about his position on the issues and his sudden departure from his previously hawkish positions on foreign policy and military intervention. President Obama gave him his comeuppance in one entertaining moment. Rachel Maddow called Romney a "shameless shape shifter". It might be funny if it weren't so damn scary.


bill lisleman said...

Maybe Mitt needs his own private Sesame Street lessons to learn about Navies and finding what different in this picture.
I do find it very odd that his campaign would come up with a line comparing today's Navy with a WWI era Navy. Did someone think they could capture the WWI veteran's vote?

DJan said...

I hope it was enough. I am going to be nervous the whole next two weeks until this is finally done. I watched and couldn't tell whether it was enough...

Bill said...

I think Romney's hair might win if your not listening to his spiel. However, his vacuum cleaner salesman face loses when it counts.


by Cole Scott