Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Team Coco vs Team Ryan

My husband asked the same question as Conan O'Brien at the end of this video.


Blissed-Out Grandma said...

I have a Cuban-American friend who doesn't like Romney to begin with, but who is LIVID about Mitt's self-tanning treatment for his Univision interview. And doubly angry because Mitt didn't bother to do his hands or the back of his ears and neck. Guess he thought nobody would notice.

bill lisleman said...

thanks - I can count on you to find these things. The tanning thing though is not nearly as bad as what he said to the fund raising group about his father and being a Mexican.

California Girl said...

Blissed, I tried to respond to you twice yesterday, in my own comment box. Neither reply would publish! Ack.

I find it fascinating your Latino friend believes Mitt did this for that particular interview. I missed that critique if any of the talking heads jumped on it. My husband saw it and said something about "too much time in the tanning booth".

California Girl said...

Lisleman: I am such a news/politics/joke junkie.
That video is the end of his campaign. It just keeps on giving.

kelley said...

Obama, if he wins, will inherit a worse economy than when he took over, more women unemployed now than when he took office, homes are being fore closed at a faster rate than when he took office, gas prices when Obama took office have doubled, average $1.84 versus $3.74 now approximately, personal income down from when he took office, Obama has golfed more any other president in history, taken more vacations than any other president,he did not meet with one single Head of State at the UN Convention last week but instead met with the ladies of the view, and called himself "eye candy", more families and individuals on welfare and food stamps than ever before, more African Americans are unemployed than ever before - the list goes on and on - the American people are a record level of stupidity - really????? What in hell are you all thinking? You're talking about tans????? Get real - we are losing this country!!!! Get rid of him - maybe Romney isn't the ideal candidate but definitely is not!!! Stop drinking the Kool-aid - Gross Domestic Product is now 1.3% after three years of Obama!! Truly, what are you thinking???

kelley said...

The American people have stooped to a new level of stupidity - Obama, if he wins we will inherit a worse economy than when he took office, more African Americans are unemployed, more families & individuals on welfare and food stamp, GDP is 1.3% compared to Bush at 3.3% when he left office, Obama told the American people to not re-elect him if he can't bring down the deficit - it has sky rocketed, Obama has taken more vacations than any other president, played golf more than any other president, chose to meet with the ladies of the View instead of heads of state at the UN, even calling himself eye candy,
there are more unemployed women than ever before, he has snuffed Israel - the list goes on and on - our tax dollars used to pay for contraception, free phones, which our tax dollars help pay for and you all are talking about tans????? Please tell me why you are voting for this man???? Are you soooo shallow that you are voting for this man again??? We are losing this county!!! He is a socialist - is this what you want? Please!!! Please tell me why you are voting for this man!! Kelley

California Girl said...

Kelley, I like that you don't hold back. I think you're wrong, but I defend your right to speak your piece.


by Cole Scott