Friday, September 7, 2012

Best Convention Ever!

I cannot get over the comprehensive inclusion of guest speakers, issues, facts and reminders as to why President Barack Obama is a good president and should be re-elected.  The DNC left no stone unturned,  no problem unaddressed, no member of our society ignored.  It was masterful.

Here's The Obama Diary blog's coverage of newspaper headlines, political commentary, photos and videos of the DNC 2012.  




DJan said...

It was awesome, wasn't it? A stark choice for the American people... I am praying it was enough.

bill lisleman said...

thanks for that link - I like cartoons and the empty chairs of the GOP was a good one.
After these speeches I understand better the difference between the two sides. I voted for him 08 and planned to give him my vote again.


by Cole Scott