Monday, August 27, 2012


Awesome finale to a thirty minute beat down of Reince Priebus by the "Morning Joe" team. Surprise! Even Joe Scarborough, the big mouth, was strangely subdued.

Yes, Chris is over-the-top but he finally shut this guy down and this guy has told some of the worst lies about the Obama Administration during the campaign.  For once, I enjoyed the argument.



Anonymous said...

OMG what an embarrassment to the hosts and to the entire network. I could even see Meka cringe and shudder, and that is saying a lot. What kind of a Host invites a guest over to his house and then proceeds to crucify them. The least he could have done was take a breath and allow the person he was interviewing to answer. It was an interview, right? I couldn't tell. It appeared to be more like a thrashing. I don't know why anyone would agree to back on that show.

California Girl said...

Apparently, Mika was embarrassed.

JC said...

You just made my day !!! Thanks,


by Cole Scott