Sunday, July 24, 2011

Gunman Kills 5 then Self at Texas Roller Rink

An apparent domestic dispute turned deadly at a private children's party in a Grand Prairie Texas roller rink Saturday evening.  According to the NY Times, the gunman wounded four people, killed five, then killed himself. 

What in the name of God is going on in this world?



DJan said...

I'm not sure I can read much more of these things. We had 11 people killed by a gunman here in Washington state yesterday.

California Girl said...

DJan: I was shocked to read your comment as I'd heard nothing about this. I just finished scanning the news for this and found the article on the Washington Post online. 11 people were injured by gunfire at a low-rider car show in Seattle. Thankfully, no one was killed or seriously injured.

Mmm said...

this broke my heart too when I read it. The plight of domestic violence is so misunderstood and judged by many as the victims leave in abject fear and threat of death should they ever leave. Recent reports also shoo an alarming rise in domestic violence now among men beaten and threatened by their wives where husbands dare not retaliate in fear of also being called a wife beater. The who sage is sickening, tragic and more evidence of the moral fabric of our nation falling to pieces.


by Cole Scott