Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Andy Borowitz Keeps Me Rivetted to Twitter

Andy Borowitz is a comedian who makes great use of email and Twitter to put out his brand of comedy: political and social satire.  Today's sample:

Majority of Congressmen No Longer Remember Which Deal They Like

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report) – With less than one week until the President and Congress run out of time to make a deal, most experts agree that the debt ceiling crisis is like Y2K all over again, only with assholes instead of computers.

He's appearing on stage in NYC with Alec Baldwin and Calvin Trillin.

Boy would I like to see that.

Let's face it, short of raging about the idiots in Congress who can't stop gerrymandering we should be able to make fun of them til they're so embarrassed they do something or lose their next election.



DJan said...

Amen to that! That must be a pretty old picture of Alec, he doesn't look much like that any more...

California Girl said...

DJan: I hadn't noticed til you pointed it out. You are so right. He was a hunk when he was young. Did you ever watch "Knot's Landing"? That was the first I'd heard of him.

Mel said...

Thanks for the laugh, I'll be following him now too.

Alan Burnett said...

It could be worse : at least you don't have the upper-class twits who seem to be running this country at the moment. But if you don't manage to get the budget sorted by next week, let me know as I still have one or two dollar notes left over from my recent trip I could send over to you.

California Girl said...

Mel: He's a scream. I usually just read his one line tweets. Twitter is great for comedians.

Alan: I LOVE your perspective on things. I am pleased when the intl bloggers comment because all of you view the US differently. We do have our own version of "upper-class twits". They just aren't upper class.


by Cole Scott