Saturday, April 2, 2011

While The Rich Get Richer, The Rest of Us Get Screwed

Stole this off The Political Carnival. Her tweets alert me to the good stuff on her blog.

Latest stats on the economy:  stock market growth, corporate earnings, CEO income, Big Oil earnings...

And how do we the  worker bees, the little people, the proletariat stack up?  Watch.



maggie's garden said...

You can say that again....we're getting screwed big time. I want so much to know what to do about it..but feel entirely helpless. I'm even beginning to notice the disparity in my own family...and it's a real heartache as well. Where do we even begin to change this mess?
I like that you've presented this on your blog.

DJan said...

Yessiree, we are getting screwed while the upper echelons are getting rich. I think it sucks.

Jayne Martin said...

Thanks for posting this. The more people who understand what's actually going on, hopefully the angrier people will get.

Baino said...

I don't understand why companies receive tax cuts. It 's the same here. Fair enough if they're increasing their level of employment but it doesn't seem the case. In fact overseas companies investing here pay half the tax of local companies. Just doesn't add up to me or am I being naive? Probably. I think at the very least, those companies who have benefitted from bail out payments should now begin repaying if they're not already.


by Cole Scott