Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Hosed  by Cole Scott

Published yesterday by Brian @ Waystation One for his other project on One Stop Poetry, this packs a political punch I can't duplicate...

Eww! What did I step in?

this is not another poem

but a manifesto written

in red lipstick

on the morning after mirrors

of a nation that has forgotten

its identity in drunken debauchery

and the rush of get rich,

quick scams to join the

one percent, drawn on dry

erase boards for fast exits

slowly turning the tourniquet

cutting the flow of blood to

the innocent & amputating the

masses as gangrene populace

who then will you find to

cut your grass & wash your

Aston Martin at minimum


rage against the machine

that chews the bone to suck

the marrow of the weak, spewing

bullshit rhetoric in excess, exhaust

to choke the few trees left

that haven't been martyrs to the cause

of containing self-egrandizing


Tocqueville said,

"self-interest properly understood"

was our strength, but butchered

it has been, in two word

short attention


so while you sup on

caviar and crackers at state

dinners kissing the ass of those

you have indebted us to, think of me

for once, as I often think of you

when cleaning off the bottom

of my shoe.

sorry if this hurts your feelings,

i am still just waiting for

change i can believe in.

Balasana  by Cole Scott



Baino said...

Yeh he's good when he doesn't rush it.Poignant indeed then some diplomacy requires caviar sadly.

Stephanie said...

Powerful punch!

jeannette said...

Wow, raw but good!


by Cole Scott