Saturday, November 27, 2010

Tom DeLay Guilty

mug shot
A few days ago, Tom Delay was convicted of money laundering and conspiracy to commit money laundering to illegally funnel corporate money to Texas candidates in the 2002 campaigns.    
The heavy-handed style that made Tom DeLay one of the nation's most powerful and feared members of Congress also proved to be his downfall Wednesday when a jury determined he went too far in trying to influence elections, convicting the former House majority leader on two felonies that could send him to prison for decades.  Huffington Post  11/24/10
I guess "DWTS" wasn't enough to turn this puppy around.          

That's one for our side. 




DJan said...

Unfortunately he will probably never have to serve out his sentence behind bars. I keep reading about all his options. That picture of him in DWTS is... frightening!

Grandmother said...

Lord save us! Where do we get these characters? And where do they get their nerve? Really.

California Girl said...

DJan: I don't know...the court system is certainly biased and overloaded and those with money get the best deals (usually). On the other hand, Americans are bloody sick of corrupt and perverted politicians taking our money, spending it, lying and acting like the consequences don't matter. Perhaps they matter more than these bastards think. And that includes Ms. Palin.

Grandmother: We vote for them.

Star said...

He's even managed to make his mugshot look like a publicity photo!
Blessings, Star

Dutchbaby said...

Why DWTS even casted him with all those outstanding charges is beyond me. Is he wearing makeup for his mugshot???

Dutchbaby said...
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Matty said...

Finally, some semblance of justice in the case.

California Girl said...

Star: The mug shot does look like a publicity shot. This is denial at its best.

Dutchbabe: After this season's DWTS & the Palin publicity, I realize it's not about dance ability, it's about popularity and/or ratings. In Ms. Palin's case, it was controverial popularity. In DeLay's, controversial ratings.

Matty: Let's hope justice is actually served, in a cell, wihtout frills.

Nancy said...

That's one of the reasons I quit watching DWTS. Now we can see if he actually serves time.

California Girl said...

Oh Nancy, it was such a disappointment this season. DeLay was AWFUL last Spring but the Palin thing really woke me up to the ratings/popularity aspect of it. Why was I so naive? I mean, it's all about ratings, everything is. I've only worked in the media for 30 yrs. duh.

Anonymous said...

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