Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bristol Palin? Give Me A Break.

Brandy Eliminated from DWTS Competition As Bristol Palin Looks On
Nov. 16, 2010

Anybody who reads my blogs knows I like DWTS.  I don't go on and on about it.  In fact, I usually mention it once per season.  The show was a must see for me, its first 8 seasons; the stars were hard working and showed surprising growth and talent as they learned to maneuver intricate dance routines.  But around Season 10 it seemed to slowly fizzle like champagne going flat.  The "stars" weren't that talented and the competition lacked sizzle. 

This Fall, Season 11 began with a group of people who just couldn't dance.  I mean, David Hasselhoff!!!!  Ugh.  There were exceptions:  Jennifer Grey, of "Dirty Dancing" fame ("Nobody puts Baby in the corner"); Kyle Massey (never heard of him but he looks familiar) and Brandy ( of Cinderella and teeny bop fame).  Those three progressed beautifully and were in the Semi Final competition Monday night.  But those three didn't make it to the Finals.  Brandy was eliminated to the obvious dismay of her competitors and probably the studio audience.  The judges did not look surprised.  "Leadfoot Bristol Palin" as she was dubbed by the NY Daily News made it to the Finals.  Talk about politics trumping justice.  This girl may be sweet, ingenuous, etc., but she's no dancer.  The news outlets seem to agree this is the Tea Party flexing their muscles.  I guess the Mid-Terms weren't enough of a statement.

It's been another great PR opp for the irresponsible irrepressible Mama Grizzly, Sarah Palin.   That broad is everywhere, shooting off her mouth.  Her ambition knows no limits.  First Bristol was the pregnant teenaged pro-lifer, then the on-the-road purveyor of abstinence, now the untalented but beloved girl who, in the words of her mother has "just gotta keep dancin'". 

Even the judges are drinking the Kool Aid, preparing the audience at home and in studio for the inevitable.  The least talented, queen of the "bottom of the leader board" 7 weeks in a row is gonna win.  The audience is voting their emotions rather than their logic.  They're trying to prove a point, something along the lines of "I'll show them!" and  the judges are placating the girl and the audience saying she's "come the farthest" in learned dance skills.

I guess politics knows no limitations when it comes to promotional possibilities.  Too bad everyone else has to suffer.  How 'bout that guy in Wisconsin who was so upset he shot his tv set when she advanced to the Finals.? His wife fled the house. 

Bristol Palin would not even be in this contest if it weren't for her mother and the potential ratings it brings to the network and ABC is crying all the way to the bank.



JC said...

This is what's wrong with 'audience' votes part of reality shows. It should be that the audience gets it down to the final two or three with the judges deciding who goes.

And, when did 'she' become a star ? Seriously, the show is at an all time low. If you are a star, just because you stood by your Mom when she ran for office ... yikes !!!

And, I think you are right, she's going to win.

Malisa said...

Ain't it the truth? That show went downhill quickly once they had Tom DeLay dancing! Tea baggers seem very fond of mediocrity.

Judy said...

I hear ya sister! My friends and I were crapping our pants!

Blissed-Out Grandma said...

Ha! If I'd been watching and was a fan of the show, I might have shot my TV set too. Wait, I don't have a gun. BUT, I bet that more people will watch, just to see how bad Bristol really is.

nanny said...

I find the whole thing....sickening....public has a right to vote....but please vote for a dancer........!!!!!!!!

Marguerite said...

I think it's just plain ridiculous that she's even on the show, to begin with! And as for the nut who shot at his tv, well he doesn't have to worry about watching anything, anymore! lol

Susan Erickson said...

can't wait to hear what Bill Maher has to say about this one!

Baino said...

How serendipitous, I was cruising for a FF yesterday and saw the story of the poor guy driven to madness by Bristol. Well I like to think it was Bristol but I think the poor dude was bi-polar and pissed to the eyeballs.

RNSANE said...

I think it is pretty sad that the show comes down to a popularity contest rather than dancing skills. It will be a total farce if Bristol wins. Ominous sign of the times.

injaynesworld said...

People on Palin fan based websites are bragging about how they gamed the ABC internet voting with hundreds of fake e-mail addresses. I'll watch on Monday, but only to vote for Jennifer and Kyle.

Bristol, like her mother, has a real entitlement problem. What a family.

Anonymous said...

Bristol is still on DWTS not because people are voting for her, but for ratings.

There is no way someone can consistently be at the bottom two for weeks and not get voted off as the competition gets harder. The dancers usually have a consistent voting block and may pick up more votes as they advance. I find it hard to believe that Bristol would have picked up more votes than Brandy after the previous elmination.

California Girl said...

Anon: you're definitely in synch with budh.aaah on my post, "Jon Stewart on Bristol Palin: Who Gives A Shit?". I certainly don't put anything past ABC when it comes to ratings. Look how many ads they'll run in a break; sometimes as many as 8. That is outrageous.

Linda Pendleton said...

This had really been ridiculous. She never should have been on the show tobegin with ... and I think it is terrible that politics has to ruin our entertainment. Her mother has received a lot of camera and voice exposure on the show. Not right and makes one wonder what she paid for that.

If the kid wins tonight....that will be it for watching that show. What's the point of watching to see skill and artful dancing if they allow that to happen.


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