Friday, April 30, 2010

"Drill Baby Drill" ... How's That Workin' Out for ya?

Somebody please hold me back!

She actually had the gall to Tweet that her prayers are with the people of the Gulf today. Perhaps she should volunteer to help clean up the mess caused by doing something she so avidly advocates.


injaynesworld said...

And people actually pay money to hear this nut case speak. When it comes to Palin, rarely has so little gone so far.

Thanks for posting this. I share your outrage.

Baino said...

We had a similar thing in the Timor sea late last year but they were quick to contain the slick. However it took months to shut off the rig. I heard that this mess is worse than the Exon Valdize. Terrible shame.

Deborah said...

Just imagine if she had said something like .."Having seen the devastation in the Gulf of Mexico, I have to reconsider my position on drilling for oil in environmentally- sensitive areas."

Gad, she might have pulled in a whole new support base.

Ima Wizer said...

Sarah Palin's karma.........I hope this proves she is so wrong about EVERYTHING! I also hope everyone remembers her "Drill Baby, Drill". We mustn't forget.

It is SO heartbreaking what is happening. I'm worried it will never be undone. Halliburton and BP will never stop unless we hold them accountable for ALL the things they've done! The Devil's (Cheney) plan continues......all in the name of pure GREED!

evalinn said...

This is so sad!


by Cole Scott