Saturday, March 6, 2010

Battle of the Presidential Wannabes vs Battle of the Late Night Stars

Some pretty fascinating conversations going on after Sarah Palin's appearance on Leno vs Mitt Romney's on Letterman. Not only are the talking heads saying Palin trounced Romney for viewership but the media watchers are wondering if Leno will regain his crown as King of Late Night or is this just a bounce for his return to the "Tonight Show"?

The most interesting piece I've read about it comes from a Twitterer known as SymbolMan who was in the Leno audience for Sarah's debut as a stand up comedian. He says it was laughtracked, the audience was silent or jeerish (a new word I made up) and she was poorly received. For more on this visit The Political Carnival where I first read his take.  After he discusses the SFX of laughter for Sarah Palin he lambastes Leno for the sell out.  Makes for a compelling read.


Blissed-Out Grandma said...

Just discovered your blog, and I love it. Had not heard about the laugh-tracking on the Tonight Show, but I sure plan to share the info. I also like the idea of moving one's money. Who knows what other great ideas I'll find when I return!

California Girl said...

Thank you Bliss! That is so nice. I try to laugh while I'm irritated by political shenanigans which is why I watch Stewart so much.

As far as the Move Your Money campaign goes, it is well worth it. We've had very few problems since we dumped a major regional bank and we recently told our son to refuse to pay their exhorbitant fees for a $5.13 overdraft mistake he made. They have sent a collection agy after him and we've responded with letters to the banking commission as well as state and federal agencies. We'll see how THAT goes.


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