Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sarah Palin Is Coming to a Book Store Near You

If Sarah Palin doesn't have the decency to go away, we might as well make fun of her ongoing shameless self-promotion.  The Nation is doing just that with "Going Rouge: An American Nightmare" a parody of Ms. Palin's autobiography "Going Rogue: An American Life".

Both books hit bookstores November 17th.  Ya gotta love it.

Image from article on Huffington Post.


lakeviewer said...

She has become a parody of herself.

Judy said...

this could make for some interesting Christmas presents? maybe?

Pop and Ice said...

Dick Cheney, too. Please just go......somewhere else. Yes, somewhere else would be just dandy.

JC said...

Seriously, who would buy her book ?

I did not vote for her but other than her vp run what does she have to write home about ?

Marguerite said...

OMG! Please tell me that it's NOT true. Should be interesting to see how these books will play out. Love it!! :)

Ruth said...

I've been searching fruitlessly for an article I read recently about the real title of her book, how "going rogue" was not a compliment in her short campaign, either when used to refer to her, or when she used it to refer to others. Interesting how she now uses it to title her book. She can co-opt anything and spin it.

I like how The Nation did the same.

Susan said...

I think I will have to renew my subscription to 'The Nation'.

Would it be wrong of me to bomb her first book signing? (just kidding, FBI people)

Susan said...

Oh yeah, she didn't have to become a parody of herself, she was born that way.

Vicki Lane said...

SP -- the gift that keeps on giving -- and won't go away.

Thanks to her I've just renewed my pledge to Planned Parenthood.

Nancy said...

I have a stomach ache.

Baino said...

I thought she'd gone back into her hole. No news of her over here. Have you noticed that she's captured in the same pose most of the time. Must be her 'good side'. Haha your capture is pestprob!

California Girl said...

LV: Tina Fey really set the benchmark for parodies didn't she?

Judy: yeah, gag gifts.

Pop: he's just pavin' the way for his equally obnoxious daughter Liz.

JC: her Hollywood aspirations...

Marguerite: it's "twoo!"

Ruth: if you want to read an interesting article about the real Sarah Palin, read the almost son-in-law's interview/article in the Nov Vanity Fair (either Oct or Nov?) His take resonates.

Susan: I am going to add "The Nation" to my bookmarks.

Vicky: Love your comment! I used to do advertising for PP and the resistance to letting them on some air waves was strong. Thanks for visiting.

Nancy: you mean "I'm gonna hurl"?

Baino: She won't go away until the media stops paying attn to her. I debated whether to post this as I'm just contributing to spreading her name around...but she's just so darn easy to make fun of.

Reya Mellicker said...

By doing the parody, The Nation is promoting her book. Bizarre. All press is good press, they say, even including your post, at least I think so.

I'd be happy to never see that face again.

California Girl said...

Reya: It's true. Most people would rather have the PR than none at all and I debated that before writing about it.

Matty said...

Isn't the writing of a book self-promotion regardless of who it is? Obama wrote a book, and no one is calling it "shameless self-promotion". Why isn't anyone asking him to just "go away"?

I think it's wrong to conduct, and support, personal attacks on a public figure just because you don't like them or agree with their views. It's one thing to disagree with them, to not like their philosophy, to not like their appearance or demeanor, and to not vote for them. That's your opinion, and you have every right to voice it in disagreement. But to ridicule that person and make a public mockery like this is despicable. That's not disagreement, that's a personal attack.

If this was being done to Obama, those behind it would have all sorts of labels applied to them. Where are the labels for the people behind Palin's mockery?

We all have opinions. You publicized yours by making this post. I'm publicizing mine by commenting about it.

California Girl said...

Matty: Welcome and thank you for your comments. I am happy you took the time to write what you feel. I think it's important to express our beliefs and our feelings. I have actually written much more informed posts about Ms. Palin which would underscore this particular one, but you make a good point with respect to my post, as a stand alone, is ridicule. I don't like her or respect her and I make no bones about it. As for President Obama, I think he is ridiculed daily.

We can all learn from one another. Sometimes the discourse is civil, sometimes not so much. I hope you visit again.


by Cole Scott