Monday, August 24, 2009

Back to Comment Moderation

Over the weekend, I have received dozens of comments that look like Oriental characters. They appear to be a virus as the profile person is non existent. Luckily, I haven't opened anything but I'm now requiring "Comment moderation' to avoid automatic publication of these damaging viruses in my posts.


Reya Mellicker said...

Butternut Squash of the blog Goddess at the Confluence (who knows Asian languages) tells me this spam is a Japanese porno ad. If you use certain words like "pink" for instance, the spam finds your blog.

After awhile they give up.

But - comment moderation is a good thing. Why not?

Valerie said...

I've heard of a few bloggers with this same problem. I must watch out. I've had email that looked like blocked letters, as if they were all blocked out. I couldn't anything else but delete them.

Anonymous said...

That happened to me when The Stair Landing was made a blog of note. The identical comment was attached to almost every post in the blog. It took a couple of hours to go through and delete them.

I had to replace a firewall because I clicked on the name trying to find the profile.

lakeviewer said...

It must be what Reya suggests; I had a similar problem.

nathalie in avignon said...

Thank you for your frequent visits and comments on Avignon in Photos, much appreciated.

I've been away on holidays for most of the month of August, hence my lack of returning visits. I've just spent a good while reading your previous posts and while they sometimes cover topics we in France don't know the fine details of, such as your health care reform, it is a powerful insight into the topics that American society is currently debating. Thanks for the excellent read!

Nathalie again said...

I am lucky that my blog was never subject to such massive spamming, but I think you're right, the only solution is comment moderation for a while.

Coffee Messiah said...

Yes, this same "whatever, uses: sex, sex99, and now disa.

blogs of note is what started it here also, and they always go to earlier posts, which nary a soul seems to read anyway.

Thank goodness for the delete
key ; )

Anonymous said...

I get rid of my archives after a month at the most for this very reason.That and there are people who steal the stuff, whole blogs, and publish as their own.

Comment Moderaton will stop it.

Thanks for visiting my Pick a Peck of Pixels and commenting on Baby Kitty.


by Cole Scott