Sunday, March 8, 2009

Michael Steele Buzzes on SNL

Anyone who pays attention to the news has seen the over-exposed Rush Limbaugh coverage about his speech to C-PAC last week. And, yes, that was a double entendre.

It never fails to annoy me when he is rewarded with the large amount of coverage he so obviously seeks. One brief bright note was RNC Chair Michael Steele's reference to his speech as "incendiary". That didn't last long. Steele was raked over the coals by many less objective members of his own party. He then had to make his apologies to Limbaugh.

A subdued and chastened Michael Steele appeared on SNL last night to explain...


Susan said...

That is hilarious! And so true! We had to stop watching MSNBC for a while until the whole RL thing dies down. Why DO they give credence to that disgusting pig?

Steele won't last until the next election. Before you know it, he'll be shufflin' along and saying "yes, massa" to the puppetmasters. If he had any pride, he would resign yesterday.

Lover of Life said...

Rush is not looking too healthy. Maybe he should take a less robust approach to being an idiot. It's all that conservative red meat.

California Girl said...

All I can say to your comments is: hahahahahahahhaaha!!!

Remember, Rush is an "entertainer". He's a highly paid overly-impressed-with-his-ability-to-influence the feeble minded & extreme right wing, but, he's still just an entertainer.

Too bad so many take him so seriously.


by Cole Scott