Friday, October 3, 2008

First Do No betcha!

The Hippocratic oath charges medical doctors to "First, do no harm." I'd say Sarah Palin achieved that goal for the McCain campaign. She didn't stumble; she survived.

I had approached the Vice Presidential debates feeling somewhat sorry for Gov. Palin.She had been the brunt of so many jokes and such relentless media scrutiny emphasizing her lack of preparedness. I admit it; I felt empathy.

What was I thinking?

My husband and I were amused, amazed and finally annoyed by the quixotic twists and turns of her responses; the dogged persistance to stay on point, regardless of relevance to the questions asked. It was so Karl Rove.

I failed to keep count of how many times she used the words or phrases: "Gosh darn it", "golly": "maverick"; "nuculer" (a bush speech impediment) and "Eye-ran". Where was Amy Poehler/Hillary to say "The less you know, the more adorable you get."

I now look forward to the next Tina Fey send-up. "Expanding the vice presidential powers" is a good for a laugh. We need some humor during this most serious of presidential races. I just hope we aren't humoring ourselves into another Republican administration with Citizen McCain at the helm and Sarah "the Maverick's little sidekick" Palin waiting in the wings for him to expire. Heigh-ho Silver!

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