Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Gloves Are Off...

...and they aren't elbow length. Sarah Palin came out boxing last night and delivered a powerful but empty speech full of Republican rhetoric, Americana, patriotism and sarcasm. While I was impressed with her delivery I was careful to pay attention to what she was really saying. I did not hear anything about a plan for our economy, health care or the war in Iraq & Afghanistan. I heard alot about John McCain's patriotism, Obama's lack thereof (implied but barely concealed), her disdain for the Democratic ticket, her condescension towards anyone who thinks other than herself...that is, small town flag waving support-the-war-at-any-cost: good; everybody else: bad.

She;s an attractive woman who downplays her looks. Nothing wrong with that. But I kept asking myself, "Where's the red meat?", a favorite Republican phrase. I didn't hear a single thing about fixing what's wrong with this country. All I heard was support for the war, drill in Alaska (because she's "chief executive" so she knows it best) and what a hero McCain was/is. There was absolutely no substance to her speech. Anyone who disagrees with this should get a transcript and see for themselves.

It will be interesting to see her debate Joe Biden. She's already started down the proverbial "low road" the Republicans love to take. She's come out swinging and she'll find a worthy opponent in the experienced Senator Biden, for all her one year experience as chief executive.


by Cole Scott