Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Best of Both Worlds or Too Much of a Good Thing?

I have a very close friend who has a sister with two lovers...and she lives with them the same time. They've been successfully thus involved for several years now. When first told about the relationship, I was shocked (Baptist upbringing) but also intrigued (60's sensibilities). I did not want to be judgmental, tho' I initially was, and I couldn't help but think, "Wow. Best of both worlds." I mean, she's livin' the dream, right? Well, possibly.

I suppose if this were a Danielle Steele novel, it would be great fodder for the storyline: gorgeous, ambitious woman in her mid-forties has a successful business with one lover running a high end fishing camp on a remote Canadian island, summers only, returning to civilization with Lover #1 to live with Lover #2 in a wealthy suburb in Arizona. According to my girlfriend, her sister sleeps with which ever one she wants, when she wants. She calls the shots. As for menage a trois, I don't ask and she doesn't offer.

I like men...up to a point. I absolutely love my husband and I've loved a few others in my youth. Not sure what the prospect of two at once would do to me. I mean, it's been a challenge living with one Alpha Male and raising two alphas-in-waiting. I think men have their place...lifting heavy objects and taking out the garbage. Scratching, roaring, having sex and feeding seem to be the other traits in which they strive to excel.

Could I do what she's doing? Maybe in my dreams. You know, George Clooney one night, Richard Gere the next. Yeah, I could handle that...for a while. But, I like my solitude and I like peace and quiet. And I like things simple. So, while I admire her iconoclasm, I'll have to admire it from my quiet, predictable and boring perch.

But, it does sound fun.

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