Tuesday, April 29, 2008

En Vino Veritas

I am a wino. No two ways about it. I like my wine and, like a Lay's potato chip, I bet I can't drink just one glass.

I notice many of my female friends, girlfriends, women friends, women my age have the same addiction. They like their wine and they are emphatic about it! One very good friend of mine went on an intense Weight Watcher's diet plan for a year. She was religious about following the point structure and what did she save her extra points for? Her wine! Another friend, the mother of six beautiful raucous daughters who all like to party, will give up her food and will diet but she says she'll never give up her wine.

I think someone should do a scientific study of menopausal women and wine. I really think that's when the addiction sets in. Men don't seem to have it. Maybe it's the sugar, maybe it's something else, like a beer or scotch fetish, but I just don't notice this affection for wine in men. Start looking around at your mothers or co-workers or older sisters friends and colleagues and see what you think.

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by Cole Scott