Wednesday, November 26, 2014

I Don't Usually Like Bill Maher's Humor, But When I Do...

Despite the freeze frame of a large booty, this is Maher's take on:

  1. Ageism
  2. Jerry Brown
  3. Youth vs Wisdom
  4. Sex
  5. Millennials

Good stuff!




Grandmother (Mary) said...

You're right- good stuff!

DJan said...

Oh, I laughed at the whole darn thing. What fun!! :-)

California Girl said...

Mary & DJan, yeah and he's so right.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie! I'm still around, believe it or not. This was too damned funny. I'm not a big fan of Bill Maher either, but when he's on, he can't be beat. Generation Ass is perfect.

(formerly Bear Swamp Reflections)

Pat Tillett said...

I saw this while watching his show. I agree with you. Sometimes, he's funny and others, not so much. This was all funny. Thanks for posting it again, it was just as funny this time.

California Girl said...

Sue, great to know you are back. I think I mentioned I looked at your new wordpress blog & like it very much.

California Girl said...

Pat, my husband cannot abide Bill Maher. I have seen a few funny bits of late. We rented his film "Religilous" a few years ago and it was so terrible we turned it off after 15 minutes.


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