Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Don Draper is Alive and Well...and Living in India!

Okay, I totally would not know about this article, Your Vagina Isn't Just Too Big, Too Floppy and Too Hairy--It's Also Too Brown if my husband hadn't seen it, guffawed and passed it along with the comment,

"You should blog about this."

This is a real cream designed to bleach your external lady parts (at least, I hope it's external) so you are more appealing to your man.
And in case you think the ad guru who came up with this campaign is anything more than a self congratulatory, narcissistic OLD MAN, think again.   Here are a few more of his gems:
"When you have experience like I have—about 50 years in advertising and more in theatre—then you realise that a lot of people don’t talk out of experience, they talk out of book knowledge."
"When I launched KS, the country’s first sexy condom, young Indians just fell in love with it. They even forgot that The Kamasutra was actually a manual on sex written hundreds of years ago." 
"If the country’s blue-noses, the moral police (and I’d like to rename them the moral morons) think voters in India, especially middle-class voters, feel sex is bad, they must look into a few bedrooms, and also backseats of taxis, and also little cosy nooks in parks."
"Kissing on Indian screens is now acceptable. Five years ago, it was not. "

From kissing on screens to bleaching your vagina cream on far we've come.



Cole said...

this guy is an asshole and, as such, needs his entire body the bones.

DJan said...

Oh. MY! :-)

injaynesworld said...

I'm of the opinion that a man wouldn't care if we were Kermit the frog green down there. They'd still fall all over themselves for a chance to "visit."


by Cole Scott