Wednesday, July 24, 2013

That's "Weiner. Spelled the junk hangin' between my legs. See?"

Huma Abedin
aka Mrs. Anthony Weiner



The ironic part of the whole sordid mess is the man cannot stop photo texting pictures of his name, "Weiner".  If the people of NYC are stupid enough to elect him(and I hope that is not the case), they get what theyeserve.  

As for his wife, there appears to be abject humiliation in her body language, beginning around 1:12, before she gives her support speech. 

One has to wonder if her ambition exceeds her common sense.   But then, she learned to hold her head high from the best, Hillary Clinton.  

In the words of I don't know who but I like it, 

"Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me."



Cheryl said...

Weiner is turning this sex scandal of his into the longest running joke EVER played out in politics. Huma looks like she is shooting daggers from her eyes right up to the time she starts talking. The whole video is uncomfortable. It doesn't help that he keeps using the phrase "in front of us" "behind us" " and "we are on top of this" (maybe he didn't say that one but I am sure he's thinking it" and getting ready to take some new pics.

BLissed-Out Grandma said...

That had to be the strangest news conference I've ever seen. There were people peaking and maybe leering over the partition behind Weiner and his wife. He sounded totally insincere. She wobbled around as if seeking a way out. And her "It (staying with him) was MY choice" sounded, um, hollow. This ain't over. Hope the voters don't fall for this duo.

A Beer For The Shower said...

He looks like a weiner, he acts like a weiner, and he loves to text his weiner. I have no idea why this woman stays with him. Even as a younger guy, I've got to say, she is a very attractive woman. What she sees in this weiner (pun completely attended) is just beyond me.

DJan said...

I am so confused about this whole thing. I don't have to cast my vote against this guy, so I am just sorry that the poor wife has to go through this. The guy is just weird.

injaynesworld said...

I get him. He's just your basic perv, but I don't get her at all. Surely, she's not stupid enough to believe her husband could come back on the political scene and all of this would have been forgotten. Why would she open herself up to such humiliation AGAIN? Yeah, she learned from Hillary, but Weiner is no Bill Clinton. I'm beginning to suspect she's as fucked up as he is.

Bill Stankus said...

Proff positive that with politics there's no lowest of lows. The fact this guy is even a candidate or gets tv coverage speaks volumes about failure within our current electoral process.

Too bad his first name isn't Oscar.

Anonymous said...

They have some kind of arrangement in their marriage, she has an excellent position to Hillary Clinton, she cannot lose that position because he is not going to be Mayor or a congressman, they have a tiny doll of a son, please let her figure it out! It has to be an arrangement of sorts, she will never tell! I find the guy a real creep ass, he is narcissit and selfish and just plain sex addicted. But my opinion of him doesn't include his wife, she will figure out how to keep her position and be a Mother to her sweet looking son, I think he is gone from her life! Too bad he cannot do the man up thing and respect his wife's position of a soon to be single working mother!

Anonymous said...

I just read about the wife she is the same age as my only child is 36 oh my goodness sakes, my only is a November scorpio no man would pull that shit on her, she is powerful, fearless and on the outside sweet as sugar, you better be acting like a gentleman or pow in the kisser for you...She would never stand for anything like that and never ever go in public and support such a jackass..It must be she wants to run for some political office or something else..they do have a sweet baby boy and I am sure she is getting lots of advice from many! Hillary Clinton is not a supporter of her man and her standing up and defending him at all, shame on the poor wife she is doing herself a lot of harm and she will be a single mother soon and needs to get her act together to support her baby doll...I love your blog!

California Girl said...

To All: Thanks for the thoughtful comments. It was written for a bit of comic relief. Of course, it really isn't funny at all.

I feel sorry for his wife but at the same time, do not understand hersupporting this guy. He's a disgrace. She has her own background of success to which she may return. Supporting him serves only to conflict some people's opinions of him when they should consider a more worthy candidate.

Kay said...

I just don't understand how his wife can stand all this humiliation. I know Hillary would like it all to go away.


by Cole Scott