Saturday, March 23, 2013

Dick Cheney: Still Evil After All These Years

Is Dick Cheney evil?

Is “evil” too harsh a word?  Merriam-Webster defines evil as “morally reprehensible,” “arising from actual or imputed bad character or conduct,” “causing discomfort or repulsion,” or “causing harm.”   

Consider this trailer for the new film "The World According to Dick Cheney".

Consider this dialog excerpt from the show as printed by the News Corp owned NY Post.   Not favorable.

On war: “ It’s more important to be successful than loved.”

On torture: “‘We’re not going to force you to tell, because it might create a bad image for us,’ is not even a close call for me.”

On his own mistakes: “Ahhh, I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about my faults.”

On engineering Henry Kissinger’s ouster from the Ford White House: “You needed to mix things up a bit there — so he went down.”

On WMD: “We didn’t find stockpiles, but we know [Saddam Hussein] had intent.”

I don't get Showtime but I'll see it eventually.  The pre-publicity serves only to confirm what I believe to be true.

Dick Cheney is an "evil" man.

Looking for more info?  Salon has a an extremely well-written review of the show



bill lisleman said...

the background music on the first half of that clip reminded me of Tubular Bells from the movie The Exorcist.
I agree with you about Cheney. He was the worse part of the Bush administration.
WMD quote - intent is good enough to prosecute?

DJan said...

No, it is NOT too strong a word. He is a war criminal.

Bill Stankus said...

I dunno, calling Darth Cheney evil denigrates all other cruel, soulless, reprehensible despots with malevolent tendencies.

Rosemary West said...

Yes, he is one scary, heartless, vile character.

Pearl said...

Dick Cheney is missing some key elements in being a decent human being. I've often wondered what kind of childhood he had...


California Girl said...

Pearl, I think he sprung forth, fully formed, with horns and a forked tail.

troutbirder said...

My conclusion is that his activities tend to give Machivellies Prince a bad name.


by Cole Scott