Wednesday, January 16, 2013

NRA: Fringe Group

By now I would assume you've heard about the new NRA ad attacking President Obama and his children! 


As unbelievable as it is, it has electrified the media and the backlash has been comforting.   To my amazement, Joe Scarborough, "Morning Joe", is all over this as well as much of the crap the GOP, his party, is pulling.  He's so consumed, I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop to hear Joe Scarborough switch parties.

I often ask God "Why?".  There is no answer.  Perhaps we aren't meant to know the answer.  On the other hand, perhaps the terrible events, the mass murders by troubled, sick, isolated individuals is bringing the less extreme sides of our political parties, like Joe Scarborough, together.  



Bill Stankus said...

You're assuming rationality?

DJan said...

Very scary ad. And maybe you're right: maybe all of this has finally created a sea change in the minds of the American public.

Bill Stankus said...

The only change seen so far is a rush to buy more guns. The crazy-right has been saying since his start, Obama is out to take away they guns, Ak-47s and bazookas.

The other minor change is there's now more information the NRA is a front for gun manufacturers.

The American public? The same people who gave us Nixon, Raygun, Bush 1 and Bush 2? I'm not holding my breath concerning that group.

California Girl said...


COMMENT 1: Maybe maybe not. I can dream can't I?

COMMENT 2: I'm becoming more interested in the centrist/moderate backlash towards the NRA, Quentin Tarantino, gun manufacturers, violent game manufacturers. Perhaps it's whimsy on my part but, there is the pendulum theory: that which swings far in one direction will swing back and far in the other. If that is true, we may be seeing the beginnings of it now.

California Girl said...

DJan, Bill is questioning rationality and I don't blame him. I would like to believe we, as a people, are capable of "smartening up" and coming to grips with the horrors of the past 20 years.

Bill Stankus said...

Humans have been struggling with stuff forever but mostly the struggle is within ourselves. Weapons are archaic yet we continue with them sometimes with purpose but also because of irrational fears. I think I understand guns as a tool but the psychological by-product of keeping a gun next to a bed is a dangerous mental tapeworm.

California Girl said...

I heard a discussion on a show today...Andrea Mitchell or...not sure. Most likely MSNBC though.
Anyway, they had a doctor on who said they have found in the autopsied brains of some mass murderers, physiological problems in the areas of the brain that very well could trigger violent behaviour.

bill lisleman said...

Over here on your blog I probably could trash talk the NRA. I do think they are too powerful. I also know members that are not awful or gun crazy.
This ad is stupid. The logic of comparing the first family security with that of a school in Connecticut is flawed. Whoever approved this doesn't bother to think thing through well. Maybe a shoot-from-the-hip person. A good sign would be a drop in NRA membership.


by Cole Scott