Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sheryl Crow gets it right

Thank you to my good friend Bill Lisleman for sending me the url to this awesome song by Sheryl Crow.

Hillary 2016!




Gorilla Bananas said...

How about Hilldog v Sarah Palin to make it a dead cert?

Bill said...

I hope so.

California Girl said...

Gorilla, Sarah Palin? Hillary would steamroll over her so fast she'd wonder what hit her.

California Girl said...

Bill, Thx again. I don't pay much attn to new tunes since I left radio for TV. (Thank you God)

bill lisleman said...

I thought you would like it. Thanks for posting it. We have had a woman Speaker of House and the current one apparently cries easily. The gender or skin color doesn't matter to me. The attitude and understanding for our problems is important to me. Do you think we will have a third strong party on the scene before a woman runs the oval office?

California Girl said...

Lisleman, I don't know. I am hearing the 3rd Party idea floated more & more by bloggers & columnists I respect. I guess the biggest impediment is money, or lack, thereof.

JC said...

Love the song. Would she do run again ?

California Girl said...

JC, I wish I knew. She's going to be our best bet and, IMO, best qualified. Joe Biden will be too old and he probably won't run anyway and I don't really see him as President.

We have a President of color. Time for a President of female gender. YESSSSS!

Just visited your site & wanted to comment but couldn't find a comment link so here's the comment:

"Love the kitty on the masthead photo. Love the doggie in the post."


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