Sunday, June 17, 2012

Most Hated Business Sectors in America

Well, this is interesting!  I know I bear a strong dislike for
  • lawyers (in general)
  • real estate people (many of them) 
  • bank industry (most of it)
  • the insurance industry (ALL of it)
  • and Donald Trump (I'm throwing him in for GP) 
I didn't know everyone else does too. I especially didn't know the Federal Government is at the top of the list.  So, thank you for that Death by Advertising, Gallup and HuffPost.

I totally get why people hate the federal government.  They hate them for their
  • inertia  (a bunch of fat cat do-nothings without term limits to motivate them)
  • partisan politics  (Hey!  It's not about YOU it's about US)
  • their entitlements  (today's congressmen/women are more likely from
    wealthy backgrounds yet they enjoy lower tax rates, free healthcare for life, 
    govt pensions, insider trading, PAC funding by big money corporations
    whose interests they'll vote)
  • their refusal to grant their constituents what they themselves enjoy (free health
    care for life, government pension, tax rate increases for the top 1%)

    President Obama wants everyone to have free health care for life. He wants everyone to pay the same tax rates. He wants the banks to start lending again to small business owners and homeowners who qualify. He wants a level playing field.

    It's been a while since we had one of those.



CaliforniaGirl500 said...

TV & radio industry are #12.  They are media and probably lumped together in people's minds.  Polls are subject to bias, depending on the way the questions are formulated.  

As for realtors, which is the way I  think of that industry--the people in it--I have had maybe 2 I trusted in my entire life.  My husband and I have bought & sold 10 homes over the course of our marriage.  We do everything we can to vet the realtors.  What we've consistently found is  1) they exaggerate the values up to get the listing  2)  they exaggerate the values down to make the sale  3) their disclosures are lacking or suspect, e.g. potential problems w/ house, representiing buyer and seller, how much they'll advertise your property  4)  they don't market your property enough to warrant the commission per centage they make.  I'm in advertising and I follow it closely.  

Do you think I feel passionately?  Don't even get me started on the insurance and banking industries.  

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lisleman said...

this is interesting.  I don't have any strong feelings on real estate.   So what is it?  A combination of perception and bad interaction?  We all interact with the government so I can understand why most people have stronger opinions of it.  I noticed advertising on the list but not news media.  The news media would make my list before real estate.

CaliforniaGirl500 said...

I just replaced the partial graph I had up with this graph.  The complete graph is linked to the word "list".  Some of it is surprising, most of it is not.

DJan Stewart said...

I don't care for many of those same industries and professions, either. Especially The Donald. :-)


by Cole Scott