Monday, January 2, 2012

Customer Serivice: Dead in the 21st Century

I'm not a gamer.  My last fling with a video game was Asteroids.  You'd find me hangin' over that thing at the bars screaming with delight when I shot down an asteroid.  

When my childen were young, they wanted a Super Nintendo.  They wanted to play Super Mario.  I tried to play and was woefully inept.   Even at seven and eight years old, they were skilled.  I couldn't keep up.

What has this to do with my post?  I came across a customer service problem related to gaming that has just gone viral.  It's an incredible example of customer service at its worst:

It's a long back & forth but if you've ever been frustrated, insulted, or mystified by "customer service", read this and weep:

If you want a taste of the read before you commit, here it is.

This is an extreme example of the worst we can expect but it is not out of the realm of possibility.  I refer you to my experience with Electrolux



Jayne said...

Customer service.  Isn't that an oxymoron?

CaliforniaGirl500 said...

Yes.  But did you read the email exchange?  It's truly comic; if only it weren't true.  

I should probably relate my recent experience with Wusthof.  It's actually a good story.

Mama Zen said...


CaliforniaGirl500 said...

Yes.  I was surprised to get really good customer service last week when I called Wusthof to tell them the chef's knife from my $350+ set had a chunk missing from the handle.

They said, "box and mail and we'll replace."  


And this was from a live person who answered on the first ring!


by Cole Scott