Sunday, November 27, 2011

60 Minutes: Homeless Children in the U.S.

60 Minutes drew this Thanksgiving weekend to a close with a report on the homeless.  Scott Pelley revisited children and families first interviewed last Spring to hear how they're doing.

 It wasn't pretty.`The statistics are shocking:
  • 16 million U.S. children are living in poverty
  • children in poverty comprise almost 25%, 1 out of 4
  • 1/3 of all homeless people live in Florida
  • 2/3 of the Florida homeless are on the streets
He put faces on the stats making it all the more real and heart breaking.

 If you didn't see the report, please watch the posted video above.

After a weekend of too much to eat and drink and four days off work, I sure as shit know what I'm thankful for and it's the roof over my head, the food I can afford to buy, the job I go to every day and the health my family and I enjoy. 

I wish the 1% everyone keeps talking about were mandated to watch this report on a daily basis until they helped put people back to work, back in their foreclosed homes and their children back in school on a consistent basis, 

Link to the guide to help these children in Seminole County, Fl through Families in Transition:



A Beer for the Shower said...

Such a horrible thing to hear about. You know, rich people have such a sense of entitlement - "I earned all of this. Why should I give even a small chunk of it to anyone else? They don't deserve it."

Look, I believe this to a POINT. If you work hard and earn a lot of money, then yes, you should be able to enjoy it, but there's a huge difference between not wanting to give your money away to freeloaders and helping support our nation's children, who through no fault of their own are in this situation. Whatever happened to helping our fellow man? America paints a picture of 'we care about everyone' and yet John Q Average screams, "Everyone for himself!"

DJan said...

I saw this last night, too, and was shocked to learn how many kids are homeless. Thank you for the link. It's just terrible how broken our economy really is...

The kids were so positive anyway, I was just amazed.

Grandmother said...

Jesusgod is this what we've come to and it's not even spoken of as an issue? Our children, our future and we think this is okay? Forgive us all!

injaynesworld said...

That little girl was amazing. "It's just life..." And she wants to be a defense attorney for kids. These are the moments when I wish I'd win the lottery so I could make sure her dream came true.

And then there are the Black Friday shoppers fighting over $2 waffle irons. So disgusting.

California Girl said...

Beer, DJan, Grandmother, jayne: I am gratified you post your outrage. There is no excuse. You are all correct. Thing is, what can we do, we, the average citizen, to help? We can donate our time, our money, spread the word, and polarize our friends to act. This is what OWS is about: outrage at conditions in this country.

Thanks for your comments. Keep 'em coming.

pve design said...

Hardships and suffering are why we are here. We all have struggles and we all have choices.

This is nothing that our fore fathers had to deal with. While this saddens me, it also makes me realize that when things are hard, we as a people are resilient and societies will always be faced with hardship. Faced with struggles, we learn - we grow.

Raised one of seven, our parents instilled a hard work ethic. My Father built his business in 1945 and it is still going strong. He has provided for many families. Each day is a gift.

"Pride" and "Hard work" does so much for one's soul.
Perhaps we need to go back to the "stage coach" life and bond together.

We all need to grow up and stop babying one another. Harsh, but that is the truth.


by Cole Scott