Friday, July 22, 2011

Robert Redford: Still Awesome After All These Years

1985 cover SKI Magazine
Robert Redford is a guy who never ceases to amaze me with his activism, his focus, his contributions to environmental causes and film and, most of all, his screen presence.  As a woman of a certain age, he is my all time favorite movie star and the handsomest man I've ever not seen.  Cary Grant wins that accolade from me because I walked past him once at Dodger Stadium and almost swooned at his gorgeousness.  (He had white hair and those heavy rimmed glasses by then but no matter.)
Anyway, SKI magazine is celebrating their 75th year in publication by "honoring the people, events, places, and things that have made skiing what it is today."

Redford is their first choice. 

Mine too.


Linda Myers said...

I have special admiration for celebrities who make a difference.

DJan said...

He is my hero, too. I think his life has made a real positive difference in the world I live in, and not many people fall into that category.

Linda said...

I suppose he would do in a pinch. :)

Susan said...

Swooning! Love that man!

Mama Zen said...

Excellent choice!

Baino said...

He is pretty lovely. As as he friend of an aspiring screen actor, I also appreciate his patronage of the arts. The fact that he looks so lovely . . notwithstanding.


by Cole Scott