Friday, May 13, 2011

What the Heck Happened?

I don't know about you all but this Blogger mess threw my creative into a tailspin.  No definitive answers yet on the "maintenance" issues that took down the site since sometime Wednesday evening but, when I finally pulled up my blogs just now, the template adjustments, font changes & colors I'd made are no longer present.  From what I'm seeing on other blogs, it's a good thing I didn't write posts  Wed as  many bloggers lost their posts in toto. 

And what does Google have to say about it?   "...glitch..."  



DJan said...

I see that you found stuff in your drafts folder and let Nancy (Life in the Second Half) know, and she re-posted it. This does make one wonder if Wordpress is a better platform, doesn't it?

RNSANE said...

I spent hours checking back to see if Blogger was functional again. Funny, we have all come to depend on it all so much. Since I don't pay a cent for it, though, I just quietly swore to myself and tolerated it all!

Baino said...

Mine seems to be intact but I didn't post on 11th May. I've visited a few who've lost all their comments.

injaynesworld said...

I heard it was an act of retribution from al-Quaeda for the offing of the bearded one.

I'm just making that up.

California Girl said...

DJan: Y'know, I actually didn't find mine that way. It just sorta reappeared. I had changed my masthead photo & font and they were gone but then, eventually, they came back. It did dawn on me that the posts might have defaulted to drafts so I suggested that to Nancy. But I didn't really know.

I'd love to switch to Wordpress but the learning curve is not something I'm willing to take on right now.

RN: I did the exact same thing! Dependent? YES!

Baino: Perhaps you didn't try to go online either? Blogger wouldn't let us. We're all addicts.

Jayne: and here I thought you had the inside track.

lisleman said...

During the 20+ hours of being read only (which is better than nothing) my posts could take comments because I've been using DISQUS. I was glad that comments kept working fine. It's not difficult to install. It's not perfect but I really enjoy the features.

Nancy said...

I think everything is back to normal. Comments from posts were lost, however. Can't complain - the service is free and so much on the Internet is not anymore.

Grandmother said...

It's been frustrating for me because I was away for 2 weeks and had either uber slow or no computer access. So I never knew what was the main problem- Blogger or dial up! I'm glad to be back home but my blog was altered and I didn't know why until I read this post.

California Girl said...

Lisleman: I thought "read only" applied only to Excel. hahaha!

Nancy: Don't let the corporate speak influence you; the world wide web was created by scientists to enable a free exchange of ideas globally and instantaneously. As a consumer, we're being seriously influenced to think we're lucky when something is "free". But of course it isn't. Cookies attach to your history and pop up with ads, wanted or not. Plus, look where we're going with the damn phone companies. A single landline into the home was once about $35. It's about $50 now and that's still cheaper than a Family Plan on Verizon Wireless. Plus, now they want us to all use Smart Phones upon which they levy an additional $30 per month p/p to use.

Hey! This would make a great post!

Grandmother: Yes but you were in Venice so you didn't really care.


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