Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wanna Have Some Fun?

One of my friends sent an email today with a challenging quiz from Pew Research Group. I say "challenging" because the title of the quiz is "Test Your News IQ" and, as a news junkie, (sorry NPR) I fancy myself just that.  So, I took it. 

I scored 10 out of 11 questions correct.  That put me in league with 7% of the public, only 2% below those who scored a perfect 11.  The one question I missed was #5,  not because I didn't know the answer but, rather, because I refused to acknowledge it as THE answer, I answered something else.

When I looked at the tabulated results, what stood out is the age, education and sex of those who received the highest percentages:  Male, 50+, College Educated.  I still kicked their ass.

Don't get me wrong.  This is not a difficult test.  I'm sure many who take this will consider it ridiculously easy if they pay any attention whatsoever to current events. 

But that's the point.  Fewer and fewer of us do pay attention, do know the facts, are aware of what's going on.  It's not only because of a lack of interest generated by "too much information", distractions, disinterest and "I've got to go out and make a living I don't have time for this shit."   I think alot of us feel overwhelmed, small, incapable of exacting change.

Take the test here.  See what you think. 



DJan said...

Well, since you didn't give me a link, I had to go find it, so I took the test. I got 10 out of 11, too. I missed the one about how many are obese. I realize now it was actually how many are overweight that I read when I saw it.

Good test! Thanks for the info.

Stephanie said...

Another news junkie here. But you whooped me - I missed two! The positive spin is 79% better than the general public, ha.

Mel said...

Hi, I enjoyed the quiz too, and we got the same score, but like DJan, I missed the obesity one. I'm so competitive, I wished for a perfect score. Oh well. At least we know our blogger circles are a smart bunch!


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