Tuesday, February 1, 2011

There's Hope For Us Yet

My husband was kind enough to send me a link to this article on foxnews.com today: 

Barbara Bush Endorses Gay Marriage in New York

Okay, that grabbed my attention.  Barbara Bush endorsing gay marriage?  Are pigs flying?  Is it the End of Days?  Did Hell freeze over?  Whaaaaaaat??

Oh...a little reading and I find out it's not that Barbara Bush, old blue hair steely eyed bitchy Barbara Bush.  It's her granddaughter.  It's one of the twins.  She's GW and Laura Bush' progeny.  And she sounds like a bleeding heart Liberal. 

The web site promoting New Yorkers for Marriage Equality puts her in the company of Robert Kennedy Jr., Whoopie Goldberg, Kenneth Cole (married to a Cuomo), Kevin Bacon & Kyra Sedgwick; Liberals all.

It gets better.  The article includes an interview she did with Chris Wallace on FOX NEWS no less.  She's all about "health equity" for people in the U.S. and other countries.  Wallace says she sounds like "someone with a mission statement from the Obama White House."

Surprising puff piece from Fox News but, then again, they can't bash the ideals of the daughter of their idyllic former president, can they?

Kudos to Ms Bush and I am not being condescending.  It's very hard to move out of the sphere of influence of your folks.  I know.  I did it.  But I am not a public figure and for me it was a personal choice that didn't affect me publicly.  I just knew the political beliefs my parents held, particularly my father, were wrong.  Apparently the humanitarian experiences she's had deeply affected her, allowing her to look at all sides of the equations, not just the Right side.   



RNSANE said...

I'm sure her father isn't thrilled with her position but I do applaud her for speaking up! Thank heavens, she isn't completely cut from the same mold!

DJan said...

This is a very refreshing piece to read, after the news coming out of Egypt. I am so glad to hear that the younger generation has more sense. I guess that's usually the way it goes, right? :-)

And I'm now the older generation, and I still believe our kids are the future.

Mama Zen said...

Good for her!

Nancy said...

The young are going to change the world.

Grandmother said...

I agree with you that she is to be commended for stepping out and speaking out on such important topics. She'll be listened to by those who really need to hear what she has to say.

Susan said...

I just have to say how IMPRESSED I am with this young woman. She is obviously super intelligent (must have gotten that from her mother) and she cares deeply about disadvantaged people. Wow! I bet she votes Democrat.

p.s. even Laura came out in favor of marriage equality!


by Cole Scott