Friday, July 23, 2010

Time to go Charlie

Congressman Charlie Rangel (D NY) has been a controversial, dare I say it, boil on the butt of the Democratic party for a long time. He is currently being charged with "multiple ethics violations" within Congress and he has chosen to fight the charges. He's pretty cranky about it too as seen below in his verbal tussel with Luke Russert, MSNBC.

If he's proven guilty of charges, he should go.  Keeping him and others like him condones their behaviour.  It's the wrong message.


Susan said...

If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's a duck. He needs to go. Same with Chris Dodd. I hate to lose them as senators, but we need to hold them to higher standards.

California Girl said...

Good point, Susan. Chris Dodd...another sleazeball. Wonder what category of lobbyist he'll become?

Judy said...

Boy... I hear news on your blog before I do in my local newspaper.. thanks for keeping informed!

California Girl said...

Judy, it's probably because I'm on the East coast and I'm up watching the news before you.

DJan said...

After this whole mess with Sherrod, I suspect it might play into Rangel's plan. I am so disgusted with politics that mostly I just ignore all this crap.

Marguerite said...

Perfect description of Charlie! He and a whole lot of others need to go. If only we could convince the majority of voters of this.


by Cole Scott