Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Audacity of Greed According to Robert Reich

Great post by Robert Reich on the insurance industry's opposition to a new consideration from the Senate Finance Committee, "...lowering penalties on younger and healthier people who don't buy insurance."  He goes on to say the insurers will increase costs for both older and less healthy insured in order to make up the loss.  His point?  The insurance companies are determined to get their monies no matter what.

Of course, we already know that.


lakeviewer said...

I will link and read the article. I wanted to tell you that your blog offers intelligent and up-to-date information. Refreshing and salutary.

California Girl said...

LV: thank you for specific feedback. I need it! I try to mix it up but the political situation in this country is near and dear to my heart and I feel compelled to stay on it as much as possible.

Susan said...

Robert Reich is exactly right. Let no outrageous Executive bonuses and stock options go unpaid! That seems to be their motto in all this.

Veri word: rantsit :)

ellen abbott said...

Personally, I'm appalled that our president thinks mandatory insurance is the answer.


by Cole Scott