Friday, September 25, 2009

U.S. Govt According to Limbaugh, Moore & Burns

Depending on who you are, your perspective about our federal government will vary. Talk show tv was awash with perspective last night. I just happened  to catch these three interviews:

  •   Limbaugh on Leno
  •   Michael Moore on Countdown
  •   Ken Burns on Rachel Maddow

I'll start with the Limbaugh appearance on Jay Leno's show.  It was slightly uncomfortable for a number of reasons: 
  1. Leno is too nice.
  2. Limbaugh actually made sense on one point, GM.
  3. Limbaugh is cunning but he's not crazy; only his followers are!
  4. Limbaugh never concedes a point.  Wish Obama were more like that.

Rush claims that no govt sponsored programs work and that the govt will control everything we do if we let it. He goes on to discuss capitalism in all its glory. Leno does ask fair questions which are sidestepped by Limbaugh who blames the entire sub prime mortgage fiasco on Clinton, Frank, ACORN and pretty much the entire Democratic party.

Taking the opposite side of the path is Michael Moore who feels more government intervention is the only way to control the corrupted interests of big business.  Moore is convinced that capitalism is inconsistent with Christianity and the two cannot coincide.

The most interesting perspective about our government comes from Ken Burns who is making the talk show rounds to launch his newest masterpiece: "The National Parks: America's Best Idea".

Ken Burns is a voice of reason and equanimity in a sea of angst. Can't wait for his show to debut.


Baino said...

Someone sent me this via Facebook . . .

I thought of you straight away!

Frankly Australia is proof that Government regulation of financial institutions is a recessionproof measure. We didn't actually go into recession. We were impacted but thanks to legislation that demands our banks are transparent about their lending practices, we didn't go belly up! Employment and interest rates remain low.

Baino said...

sorry I meant unemployment rates.

Nancy said...

I look forward to Ken Burn's program. I won't even watch Rush - not giving any energy in his direction. I certainly understand what Michael Moore is saying, considering the outcome of the banking debacle.

Ruth said...

Thanks so much for all three videos. I listened to them.

There are very smart people at all points in the wide spectrum of POV in this country. Then there are a lot of dumb people who follow the smart ones without thinking. I think part of the problem is that we trust others to think for us because we can't possibly gather all the information for ourselves. I tend to find a voice or two that I trust and listen to them, such as Bill Moyers and Rachel Maddow. But every person has a POV, a bias, and I must decide for myself. It's important to be open to the facts - but which ones!

My goodness, it takes a helluva lot of work, effort, time, and sometimes I get overwhelmed and weary. And then I am complacent.

Burns will be at our university in December, and I hope to see him then. I also want to watch his series on PBS. Thanks for the reminder.

lettuce said...

Michael Moore gets my vote - what he says seems so obvious.

People with power - well, who ought to have power - in the financial world over here have even been saying similar things - like "this.

But our spineless useless government seems to be doing and saying nothing of any value.

California Girl said...

Baino: thank you. I guess I'm a Stewart junkie. He spins everything so humorously while keeping you aware of the insanity of it all. Click on Lettuce's referred link in her comment below.

Nancy: I force myself to watch him sometimes just to stay in touch with whatever he's criticizing and/or championing. It isn't easy.

Ruth: you are so lucky to be able to see him in person. He's pretty darn creative and certainly a wonderful historian. As for staying informed, it's our duty. Unfortunately, the people the news media deem worthy of focusing on are often those who seem not to think for themselves but rather carry placards with sayings and shout down their opponents. I realize this isn't much different from what I participated in during the early 70's when protesting against Viet Nam. But I felt we were informed.

Lettuce: wow. just read the link you sent. Everyone should read it. thank you for that. it's a post subject in itself.

Judy said...

I love this post! Thank you for sharing all three. I relate to Ken Burns so much!
I want my handful of blog readers to see your this blog post, I hope you don't mind if I share it with others.

California Girl said...

Judy: thank you and use it all you want. I have so much to say and I always wish there were more discussion.


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